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Zhongyong Industry Co.,Ltd. to be put into production in the end of this year

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-07-10 [ font size:Large Medium Small]


On July 6th, Wuhan (Jiayu) Zhongyong Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd. was stepping up the construction of its factory building.

This company is situated in Jiayu Industrial New Town, with a gross investment of 400 million yuan, the first stage investment of which is 120 million yuan. It is a professional manufacturer of stampings, heat shields, rubbers and moulds, which mainly provides auto parts to more than 30 auto enterprises, including Dongfeng Motor Co.,Ltd., China FAW Group Co.,Ltd., BMW and Mercedes-Benz, etc.

Ever since it kicked off construction in Sept, last year, every project has been well underway, which will be completed and put into operation in the end of this year.

After reaching full production capacity, it will reach an annual production value of 500 million yuan, and the annual taxes and profits will exceed 25 million yuan. [Photo by Yuan Can/Xianning Daily]

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