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Xianning CPPCC thematic meeting demands a good protection of cultural heritages

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-13 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

In the morning of Sep 12th, the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference held a thematic political consultative video meeting on the protection and utilization of cultural relics in Mufu mountain district, which is themed as “the Joys and Sorrows of the Protection of Mufu Mountain Cultural Relics”, focusing on those prominent problems existing in such aspects as the protection, management and utilization of cultural relics in Xianning city. The chairman of the Municipal People’s Consultative Conference, Zeng Guoping, deputy mayor, Liu Fuxing, vice-chairman of the Municipal People’s Consultative Conference, You Jin, and the general secretary, You Qiangjin attended the meeting.

The short video “the Joys and Sorrows of the Protection of Cultural Relics” which was played in the meeting reflects a lots of problems that the Mufu mountain district confronts in the protection and utilization of cultural relics, for instance, the incapability to start construction and restoration works even with the maintenance funds already in hand, management staffs not in place, and the flaws existing in supervision system and the responsibility system. Participants, such as CPPCC members, experts, scholars and correspondents from various media, proactively have come up with lots of suggestions and opinions to cope with these problems.

What has been highlighted in this meeting was that all departments of different levels are supposed to see clearly the severe status of the protection and utilization of Xianning cultural relics, so as to enhance the sense of historical responsibility and a sense of immediate crisis from the angle of ramping up the cultural relics protection, and strive to do well in the relic protection work closely regarding the well-being of people and further development. Additionally, they are supposed to perform their duties regulated by the law in a bid to ensure the full implementation of relic protection work, and further enhance the law popularization of relic protection, while fully perform the responsibilities of each main body, and put more funds into this work, establishing an optimized responsibility system of relic protection. Plus, we are supposed to make clear the fundamental principles, different institutions, responsibilities, range, regular budget of relic protection and the overall plans for relic restoration year by year. Last but not least, we should persist in the problem-oriented principle, fully implementing the rectification work and reinforcing the supervision, in order to well protect and inherit the cultural relic of Xianning city, passing down the cultural and historic content of Xianning to generations after generations. (By Wang Tian/Xianning Daily)

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