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4 village committees and 3 community residents’ committees in Xianning ranked as the Best 100 of Hubei Province

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-11-29 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Nov 27th, according to the Hubei Provincial Government Website, 100 villagers’ committees and 100 community residents’ committees and 87 comrades have been elected as candidates of the 2nd Hubei Provincial “Best 100 Villagers’ Committees”, “Best 100 Community Residents’ Committees” and advanced workers of community construction, and they will be announced to the public. 4 village committees, 3 community residents’ committees and 6 workers of Xianning City have been selected.

The candidates of Xianning City for the “Best 100 villagers’ committees” are Guanbu Villagers’ Committee of Guanbuqiao Town, Xian’an District, Wanghu Villagers’ Committee of Tanghu Town, Tongcheng County, Qiujiawan Villagers’ Committee of Luxi Town, Jiayu County and Luoxian Villagers’ Committee of Zhonghuopu Town, Chibi City; candidates for the “Best 100 Community Residents’ Committees” are Fenghuang Community Residents’ Committee of Yong’an Street Office, Xian’an District , Xincheng Community Residents’ Committee of Tongyang Town, Tongshan County, Beijie Community Residents’ Committee of Yuyue Town, Jiayu County.

Aside from that, 6 people have been shortlisted for the list of “advanced workers of Hubei Provincial Community Construction”, namely, section chief of the administrative division and grassroots organ section, Ruan Xianqiang, secretary and director of Xian’an District Bureau of Civil Affairs, Wang Xiaoqiao and others.

It is known that qualifications needed in the selection of “Best 100 Villagers’ Committees” are as follows: a complete organization framework, proper implementation of democratic system and harmonious and stable village; besides, conditions that a provincial “Best 100 Community Residents’ Committee” needs to meet are as follows: perfect service functions, colorful activities and neat and beautiful environment; as for the advanced workers of Hubei provincial community construction, they need to meet the conditions including work experience in urban and rural community construction over 2 years, people’s recognition, social acknowledgement, distinguished deeds, while he/she is supposed to have an exemplary and leading role in the urban and rural community construction, etc. (By Pang Yun/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)


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