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17 grain and oil enterprises from Xianning receive great popularity in Hubei Grain & Oil Exhibition and Trade Fair

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-12-04 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

From Nov 26th to 29th, the 20th Hubei High-quality Grain and Oil Exhibition and Trade Fair was held in Wuhan, and 17 Xianning grain and oil food processing enterprises participated in it, with a turnout of 1 million yuan on the spot.

“Please give me 2 boxes of hand-made sesame cakes”, “I want a bag of Tongshan stuffed ball made from sweet potato”……It was seen in the exhibition that the Xianning booth was teeming with people, and Wuhan citizens were extremely interested in Xianning grain and oil food products. In the meantime, Tongshan Jiugong Villager Specialty Food Co.,Ltd and Tongshan Yangchunyuan Sesame Cake Co.,Ltd. have proved to be big sellers, for their salespersons were busy in charging and giving the products to the people.

This Exhibition and Trade Fair is themed as “eating Hubei grain and oils, savoring the flavor of Hubei--the Land of Hubei Province”, which mainly targets at demonstrating and selling the high-quality grain and oils of Hubei Province, and it also aims to coordinate the “production and sale, technologic enterprises, talents” of grain and oils, carry out the training for the high-quality development and high-graded operation and management talents of grain industry, and publish the selection result of “Premium Grain and Oil of Hubei Province”.

According to the Xianning Municipal Grain Bureau, there were 17 grain and oil food processing enterprises of Xianning city, with more than 100 kinds of products, joining in this exhibition and trade fair. To give prominence to Xianning characteristics, showcase premium products and promote scientific and technological innovation, this fair lay its emphasis on grain and oil food from Xianning, such as Xinkangkai rice, fragrant germ rice, Yangkang rice, Junxiang rice, Bencao Tianxiang camellia oil, Tanglaonong camellia oil, Jiugong Villager, Zhongwang fried dough twists, sweet potato juice, Yangchunyuan sesame cake, Changfeng coco sesame cake and Yangfang soybean sauce, etc.

This exhibition and trade fair has provided a platform for Xianning grain and oil food processing enterprises to demonstrate their capabilities, attract more customers, increase sales, and promote them to improve their product quality and company image.

Based on incomplete statistics, Xianning enterprises has reached sales revenue of grain and oil food of 1 million yuan within 3 days, and inked agreements with relevant enterprises on the spot, reaching intention sales of 30 million yuan. (By Pang Yun/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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