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Baoshi Village, Tongshan ranks among China famous historical and cultural villages

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-02-01 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and National Cultural Heritage Administration issued the list of the seventh batch of China famous historical and cultural towns and villages, and Baoshi Village, Chuangwan Town, Tongshan County, Xianning topped the popular list.

Baoshi Village, a settlement of Shu’s clan, is located in Chuangwan Town, 25km away from south of county town, with a total area of 12 000 square meters, where most of buildings are single buildings of reasonable layout, with hall, living-room, courtyard, and wing-room. The whole architectural complex was built in the Hongwu period of Ming Dynasty and finished in the Wanli period of Ming Dynasty; remaining more than 130 folk houses with various styles built in Ming Dynasty, early and late Qing Dynasty, and the period of the Republic of China by now. And it’s the famous hometown of ancient dwelling in Hubei province, known as “the first ancient dwelling group” in Hubei province. (By Zhou Yang/Xianning Daily)

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