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The city leaders convey greetings to some people in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-02-02 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The Spring Festival is drawing near. Party Secretary Ding Xiaoqiang, Deputy Secretary and Mayor Wang Yuanhe, and other city leaders on Friday respectively led a team to visit and convey greetings to officers and soldiers stationed in Xianning, municipal retired veteran cadres, scientific and technological workers, moral models, ex-servicemen, Party members and masses with difficulties, extending New Year greetings and best wishes to them.

Ding extended New Year greetings to officers and soldiers in Xianning military subarea. He said that Xianning’s militia military training reform pilot work over the past year was highly affirmed by the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Central Military Commission and Hubei provincial military region. Xianning military subarea did it utmost to support economic and social development of Xianning, widely praised by the Party committee and government and the masses. Ding hopes Xianning military subarea can firmly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Building a Strong Army for a New Era, adhere to build armed forces through political work and firmly uphold the core under the Party’s command, intensify national defense mobilization and reserve forces construction by focused on the main business, and make positive contribution for realizing the Chinese Dream and the Strong Army Dream.

In Xianning Sanatorium for Retired Cadres Ding shook hands with old comrades cordially, asked about their physical condition, and reported economic and social development situation last year to them. He thanked all senior leaders and old comrades for making contributions to national defense construction, army construction and local development for a long time, wishing everyone happy New Year and good health and a long life.

Wang and his team successively visited officers and soldiers in People’s Armed Police Xianning Detachment, a signal company of People’s Liberation Army and No.195 Military Hospital, and thanked them for making contributions to maintain safety and stability of Xianning and promote economic and social development. Wang wishes PLA Xianning Garrison can continue to carry forward the fine tradition of serving the people under the Party’s command and carry out actively supporting the government and cherishing the people and army-civilian co-construction activities, escorting and making new contributions for economic development and social stability of Xianning.

Ding and Wang visited retired veteran cadres, such as Cheng Guangliang, Liu Xianqin, Rao Peng, Liu Yanqi, She Jiaju, Yu Silin and Hu Jianhua, hoping them continue to make contributions to society and support the development of Xianning as always while take care of themselves. They also greeted moral models: Tang Guangyou and Gao Dongqing; scientific and technological workers: Huang Yibing, Wu Jian and Zheng Li; Party members: Xue Xiumei, Huang Hongji and Liu Hui; poor people: Tang Lian, Jin Qiji, Liao Yong, Liu Yuehua and Li Shili; as well as family members of cadres killed in line of duty, injured cadres for poverty alleviation, and heroes who take up the cudgels for a just cause. They wish moral models happy New Year, encourage scientific and technological workers to make new contributions, urge Party members and masses with difficulties to establish the courage and determination to overcome difficulties.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee Jiang Xinghua, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress Wang Hanqiao, Chairman of CPPCC Xianning Municipal Committee Zeng Guoping, members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee: Cheng Liangsheng, He Kaiwen, Zhang Fangsheng, Yan Yingzi, Zhou Yong, Yang Liangfeng and Lai Chengtan, and city leaders: Liu Fuxing, Wu Gang, Wang Fanfei and Xiao Tianshu attended the activity. (By Xianning Daily)

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