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Jiayu rural doctor, Deng Peixun elected as 2018 “the Most Beautiful Health Guardian”

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-03-13 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Mar 12th, the 2018 “Hubei Role Model·the Most Beautiful Health Guardian” annual list was formally unveiled, and the doctor who is in charge of the Zhendong Village Clinic of Panjiawan Town, Jiayu County, Deng Peixun is on the list.

The 2018 “Hubei Role Model·the Most Beautiful Health Guardian” annual selection is organized and carried out by Hubei Provincial Health Commission, which is aimed to select 10 people out of over 500,000 medical workers and give them the honorary title of “Hubei Role Model·the Most Beautiful Health Guardian”. Among the 10 people, Deng Peixun is the only country doctor from the forefront of the rural medical and health care system.

Deng Peixun, who is always willing to dedicate himself and protect the life and health of the grass roots, has been deeply taking root in the position as a rural doctor for 33 years. He provides an around-the-clock treatment and follow-up medical services for rural people, and he is on call at all times. For example, he even visited patients when it was New Year’s Eve, giving treatment to the granddaughter of a villager, who caught a high fever and a convulsion; he has also taken good care of the left-behind empty nesters; when receiving critical patients, not only will he provide first aid measures to them, but also he will escort them to big hospitals in a bid to let them receive better treatments.

Under his guidance, Panjiawna Town, Zhendong Village Clinic has been elected as the “Hubei Provincial Demonstration Village Clinic” and “the Most Beautiful Village Clinic” of Hubei Province. As for himself, he has won a blaze of glories, such as the “Model Worker” of the National Health and Family Planning System, “the Best Ten Rural Doctors” of Hubei Province and others. (By Tan Changqiang/Xianning Daily)

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