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Vice-governor Wan Yong investigated beautiful village construction in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-09-27 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Vice-governor Wan Yong on Monday attended Hubei main venue activity of 2019 Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival and investigated beautiful village construction in Xianning.

Wan took field visits to ancient dwellings of Shimen Village, Tongshan County, Yimin Jiayuan poverty alleviation relocation site and poverty relief workshop in Lukou Town and bamboo characteristic town in Chongyang County, and Yangloudong ancient town in Chibi, and checked preparations for 2019 “the Belt and Road Initiative” International Tea Industry Development Forum. He urged to deeply implement Xi Jinping thought on ecological civilization, rely on local special resources and regional advantages, and prosper primary, secondary and tertiary industries integrative development to constantly improve beautiful village construction level.

Wan stressed that we should handle properly the relationship between protection and utilization for ancient dwellings, ancient villages and historical and cultural relics, moulding its shape, digging its soul and carrying forward its spirit to add historic and cultural connotation of beautiful village construction; adhere to combine industrial ecologicalization and ecological industrialization, extend rural industry value chain, and boost integrative development of rural and cultural tourism to tamp industrial base of beautiful village construction; and effectively address protection and transfer issues of contractual right of original land, village collective economic shares, and right to the use of house site of relocated villagers with innovative mechanism to enhance endogenous power of beautiful village construction. He urged again and again to strengthen supporting fire-fighting equipment construction and fire management of construction site in protection and transformation of ancient dwellings and historic buildings to ensure fire safety in the investigation. 

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