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Chongyang e-commerce sees an annual turnover of 800 million yuan

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-11-26 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

"Once upon a time, there was only one bad gravel road, and I had to make a detour through other towns to get to the city. Now, both tourism highways and door-to-door delivery vehicles are available to us, so it is easier for agricultural products to sell outside the mountain areas!" Wang Shiming, a 54-year-old villager in Group 4 of Zhongshan Village, Gaojian Township, Chongyang County, said with emotion on Nov 16.

Wang said that logistics services going into the village and information going into the household enable the "local products" of the village to get on the "express train" for export sales. His tofu sales doubled this year, most of which relied on online sales.

"In the past, Laohudong Village seemed to be isolated and it was difficult to exchange information, but now it is much more convenient to do business and communicate with others with only a mobile phone!" Zhang Tongjun, a villager in Laohudong Village, Gaojian Township added that since the 4G network opened in the village in November 2018, he was able to let native eggs, honey and so on "go out of the village in the morning and sell in the city in the afternoon" without leaving his home.

"The sales system in the county was simple before, and agricultural products were often unmarketable. In recent years, we have encouraged able people in rural development to set up e-commerce service stations in each poor village. As soon as they press the mobile phones, the products can be sold to the whole country." Sun Chang, deputy director of the Chongyang County Bureau of Commerce, said that in addition to cun.taobao.com, the e-commerce platforms such as GXYJ.com, ULE.com, Yagou.com, Wolianw.com, JD.com, etc. have settled in Chongyang County one after another, and 110 e-commerce service stations have been established, which solved the problem of the "last kilometer" of rural logistics service.

According to the statistics, the number of registered e-commerce enterprises in Chongyang County reached 97 in 2018, with 259 network operators, and the annual turnover was 800 million yuan, of which the e-commerce of agricultural products totaled 150 million yuan. (By Ma Liya/Xianning Daily)

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