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Xianning leads Hubei Province with rural service network system

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-01-21 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Xianning Supply and Marketing Cooperative was honored as "Advanced Collective in 2017-2018 of Constructing Rural Modern Circulation Service Network System in Hubei Province" by Hubei Provincial Government, ranking first on the commendation list, which was another honorary title after it being awarded the "Advanced Unit of Comprehensive Reform Special Pilot Work" by the General Supply and Marketing Cooperative, according to Xianning Supply and Marketing Cooperative yesterday.

In recent years, Xianning Supply and Marketing Cooperative System has strived for the construction of rural modern circulation service network system, and has formed a relatively perfect rural modern circulation service network system, including agricultural material management, rural consumer goods management, purchase and sale of agricultural and sideline products, recycling and reusing of renewable resources, rural e-commerce services and so on. 

     By the end of 2018, Xianning Supply and Marketing Cooperative had made these achievements: set up 3395 chain operation networks, including agricultural materials, fireworks, consumer goods, agricultural and sideline products, and renewable resources, etc., 29 chain enterprises, 5 agricultural industrialization enterprises, and 907 village-level comprehensive service cooperatives, covering over 98% of administrative villages; established 78 grass-root cooperatives in villages and towns, achieving full coverage of villages and towns (offices); built seven e-commerce platforms at and above the county level and 500 e-commerce networks of all kinds, providing farmers with 113.355 million yuan of high-quality agricultural materials; purchased 440.7991 million yuan of agricultural products and sold 505.351 million yuan of agricultural products; offered farmers with convenient and affordable consumer goods of 318.869 million yuan; reached 807.28 million yuan  of the renewable resources recycling, and established a two-way flow agricultural service network which covers urban and rural areas. (By Zhang min/Xianning Daily)

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