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​Nearly 90% of large and medium-sized supermarkets open for business in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-03-20 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Up to now, 175 of 203 large and medium-sized supermarkets in Xianning have formally opened for business, accounting for 86% of the total, according to Xianning Municipal Market Supervision and Administration on March 18. 

In order to ensure the safe and orderly work resumption of the enterprises, Xianning market supervision system focuses on both epidemic control and work resumption, actively supporting the enterprises that involve the daily necessities for masses’ life during the epidemic period to resume work as soon as possible by joint efforts with relevant departments and implementation of measures in various ways. In accordance with the principles of step-by-step, region, and classification, it also strives for the resumption of market operation in an orderly manner to meet the daily demands of citizens on the basis of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, according to the person in charge of Xianning Municipal Market Supervision and Administration. 

Xianning fully supports and promotes the resumption of enterprises that gain approval and involve the necessities of life while preventing and controlling novel coronavirus. Recently, 12 farmers' markets in Xianning open for business, and citizens' daily necessities as well as supply channels are back to normal, which effectively ease the tense situation of market supply. 

The person in charge of Xianning Municipal Market Supervision and Administration said that in the next step, they will unite relevant departments to encourage large and medium-sized supermarkets and farmers' markets that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention to resume operation, further enhancing supervision as well as stabilising commodity prices over supermarkets and farmers' markets which have already opened. (By Wu Qingpeng/Xianning Daily)    

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