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10 key highway construction projects resuming work

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-03-24 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

12 key highway construction projects are planned for work resumption in the first quarter in Xianning, 10 of them have resumed work up to now, accounting for 83.3% of the total projects, according to Xianning Municipal Transportation Bureau, March 23.

Excavators and trucks carrying earthwork were busily running on March 21 at the reconstruction and expansion project site (relocation section in urban areas) of Chibi section (Xianning) of National Highway 107.

It is a PPP project undertaken by CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. The company began to make plans for project resumption in late February, and was approved by Chibi COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control headquarters in early March, with 47 workers returning to work, accounting for 60% of the total workers. 

At present, Xianning Municipal Transportation Bureau focuses on both epidemic prevention as well as control all the time and resuming work in an orderly manner, striving for the gradual resumption of key transportation projects. Ten key projects have resumed operation in an orderly manner, including construction project of Chibi Yangtze River Highway Bridge, reconstruction and expansion project of Chibi section of National Highway 107 (relocation section in urban areas), reconstruction and expansion project of Chibi section of National Highway 107 (reconstruction section), reconstruction project of Pijialing-Yanglou Dong section of Provincial Highway S361, reconstruction project of the section from the outbuildings of Ye Family to Wang Xiuying of Provincial Highway S359, reconstruction project of Chibi section (Wuhan-Chibi Line) of National   Highway 351, reconstruction project of Ganlu(Xian’an District)-Maoping section of Provincial Highway S208, construction project of Wuli Avenue, Tongcheng County, etc. 
 The western section expansion project of Xianning Avenue (phase I) and the reconstruction and expansion project of Huashan-Huanglong section in Chongyang County of Expressway G106 will resume work by the end of March. (By Wu Qingpeng/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)  

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