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19801 Xianning students to take the college entrance examination in 2020

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-06-29 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

19801 students in Xianning will take the college entrance examination this year, according to Xianning work conference of college entrance examination and high school entrance exam in 2020 held on June 24. Against the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Xianning will arrange back-up epidemic prevention examination rooms.

Affected by COVID-19, the college entrance examination this year has been postponed from June 7 and 8 to July 7 and 8. The number of Xianning students taking the college entrance exams this year has increased compared with last year, with 15725 students competing to get into universities and 4076 students competing to get into secondary vocational schools (college of skills entrance examination). A new examination area in Wenquan has been set up this year, which can hold 4146 students, including 2097 taking the college entrance examination and 2049 taking the secondary vocational school entrance examination. There are 14 test centers in Xianning, including 3 in Wenquan, 2 in Xian’an District, 2 in Jiayu County, 2 in Tongcheng County, 2 in Chongyang County, 2 in Chibi, and 1 in Tongshan County.

The work conference demands that the relevant department should make overall efforts to do a good job in the regular epidemic prevention and control and the college entrance examination, persisting in inspecting the examination room for epidemic prevention, security and secrecy, emergency drills and enrollment, so as to pay close attention to the requirements of various work. In addition, it must work with Xianning Health Commission to formulate an epidemic prevention plan and an emergency response plan, make preparations for the necessary personnel, facilities, equipment, and materials for epidemic prevention. A deputy chief examiner and professional personnel responsible for epidemic prevention and handling emergencies should be arranged for each examinee. It has to set up epidemic prevention examination rooms, which in principle are set at the proportion of 10:1 to ensure that there are no less than 3 examination rooms at each test center.  (By Jiao Jiao/Xianning Daily)

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