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Strictly controlling traffic on many roads in the downtown area

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-02-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Xianning Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Committee and Xianning Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly issued a circular on February 9 to strictly control the illegal parking of motor vehicles on some roads and sidewalks in the central urban area, which aims to further perfect the traffic environment in the downtown area, standardize the parking order, ease traffic jams, and ensure safe, smooth and orderly traffic in the urban area.

The roads are Wenquan Road, Ganhe Avenue, Binhe East Street, Binhe West Street, Xingfu Road, Chahua Road, Yueliangwan Road, Shuanghe Road, Yuquan Street; Jingui Road, Yong’an Avenue, Qinglong Road, Bigui Road, Yucai Road, Huaide Road, Zhongcheng Road, Yushui Road, Baota Avenue; Xianning North Station (high-speed railway), roads and sidewalks within 200 meters around the plaza of Xianning South Station (intercity railway).

Starting from March 1, if motor vehicles are illegally parked on the above-mentioned roads (including sidewalks), they will be fined 100 yuan and will be deducted 3 points according to the violation of motor vehicle prohibition signs instruction (illegal code 13440). (By Zhang Huan/Xianning Daily)

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