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Chibi Ancient Battlefield

2012-03-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Three Kingdoms Chibi ancient battlefield, the national AAAA level scenic area, the site of the Chibi battle in Three Kingdoms period(220—280 A.D) There are over 50 main attractions of Humanities and natural landscapes, which include Cliffside Carvings, the Sculptures of Zhou Yu (Wu’s famous general), the Platform of expressing thanks to wind, Young Phoenix Convent, Wing River Pavilion, View River Pavilion, Chibi battle showrooms, Chibi stone tablet veranda , the Millennium ginkgo, Gold town, Soil town, Shenwu platform. It is a bright pearl of Three Gorges tourism line and Three Kingdoms tourism line. Now the total investment of Three Kingdoms Chibi ancient battlefield is 600 million yuan. Based on rich Three Kingdoms culture , it is featured with the Three Kingdoms humanistic anecdotes, war exterior play, Chu folk customs, classical architecture in the Han Dynasty, beautiful natural scenery. It comprehensively adopts the form of temple fair, village opera, sculpture, entertainment, martial arts ,acrobatics, film and many other forms of art to create unique, unprecedented tourist resort.

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