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Cultural Undertakings of Tongshan County Develop Quickly and Well 11-08-23

  Reported by Kong Xiangyi and Song Chaoyang(

  Culture benefits Citizens

  “Climb up the hill and walk down to the slope, drop down the shoulder pole and sing a song ......”, in the morning of August 17th, such loud and clear songs resounded through the Yushan Reservoir of Tongshan County, the Second Folk Song and Drum Contest was being held, in which there were solo singing, antiphonal singing as well as sequence singing. The selected players sang from you to me, bringing threads of coolness for the scorching summer.

  “At present, there are more than 260 Farmer Folk Song Associations, whose members are over 34,000 in the whole county. In recent years, only the number of the large-scaled competitions they held reached not less than 500, and every time the scene of the competition was full!” The chairman of the Folk Song and Drum Association of the county, Jiao Mingtai said proudly.

  This is the miniature of activities of Tongshan folk culture, also the actual portrayal of the cultural prosperity of the county in recent years.

  Part 1

  Every time when the sun goes down to the west, some residents of Tongshan County would habitually flock to the square and street, singing happy folk songs, and dancing gymnastic dance lively, which have become spots of beautiful scenery of the mountain city.

  In recent years, a large number of places for citizens to hold cultural activities such as the Government Square, Xingyang Square, Innovation Square that Tongshan have invested more than 5,700 yuan to complete. The Sport Square in the center of the county and the Grand Theatre of the County were also successively completed.

  As there is a “stage”, the cultural cells of the citizens become unprecedentedly active.

  All kinds of distinctive drum teams, yangko teams, folk song associations and other spontaneous art groups spring up like mushrooms after rain, and successional festival evening parties, art performances and other cultural activities are performed frequently, which let the citizens enjoy the cultural “meals” almost every day.

  “The 90th anniversary evening party for honoring building the Communist Party held by the county was not only of high quality, but also held continuously for eight times, and every scene of the party was full, which was absolutely unique in the whole city!” The member of the party committee and propaganda minister, Zhou Shangmou sighed.

  What is specially worth concerning is that as the "Five Ones" project of the cultural area of the county project unceasingly advanced, the large-scaled folk song and dance In the Deep inside of the Clouds, the local literary journal Tongshan Literature, the large-scaled album Walk into Tongshan, the rhythm of the county The Avenue of Tongshan, the series scenery program The Beautiful Tongshan and cultural products rich in local characteristics have come out. And In the Deep inside of the Clouds was even invited to Singapore to be performed at the beginning in early 2010, being highly praise by the local officials of Chinese in Singapore embassy and local media, greatly promoted visibility and reputation for the county and even the city.

  As a poor county of provincial level, where is the motivation of Tongshan’s developing the cultural activities?

  Part 2

  “The cultural prosperity of Tongshan profits from the unprecedented liberation of thought of the cadres and the masses of the whole county.” This is the word the secretary of CPC Zeng Guoping repeated.

  The event happened three years ago impressed him as if it were new.

  At the beginning of 2008, the county decided to invest 500,000 yuan to create the first large-scaled local amorous feelings play In the Deep Inside of the Clouds among the whole city.

  Upon the news coming out, a sparked debate was aroused in the whole county: Some of civilians don’t have enough food, and sometimes the cadres can’t be paid off. Is it necessary to spend so much money creating a play?

  In terms of that, Zeng Guoping held his own opinion: developing the cultural undertakings is to stimulate the pride of the cadres and the masses of the love for Tongshan and the sense of responsibility of constructing Tongshan

  In the debated and doubtful eyes, In the Deep Inside of the Clouds came on stage shiningly which not only caused a sensation at home and abroad, but also won the  “Five Ones” project award of Hubei province.

  At that time, the popularity of Tongshan soared, and the tourists attracted by the fame to go on holidays became more and more. That very year, Tongshan managed the proud achievement of receiving 1.548 million tourists and gaining the tourism income of 386 million yuan.

  Getting the victory at the beginning, the committee and the government of the county stroke while the iron was hot, the song The Avenue of Tongshan, the TV scenery program The Beautiful Tongshan and other popular cultural boutique came out in succession, pushing Tongshan, a remote and small mountain city, in front of common people’s eyes.

  No pains no gains. In recent years, borrowing the east wind of the cultural prosperity, the tourism industry of Tongshan realized the breakthrough development. The chief of the tourism bureau of the county, Yin Zhige told the reporter that the first half of this year, the county received the total of 881,000 tourists and gained the comprehensive income of 0.43 billion yuan, respectively increased by 32% and 36.1% over last year.

  Part 3 

  Tongshan’s cultural heritage is deep and its resources are rich.

  According to the statistics, there are 509 cultural relic units put down in the records among them, there is one national protection unit, seven provincial protection units. The five projects of Tongshan, namely the folk songs, the folk drums, the deity songs, the Nezha lamp, the legend of the Struggling King Li, were included into the first batch of “the Immaterial Heritage’’ protection lists of the whole city, and the folk drums and the legend of the Struggling King Li were listed among the first batch of “the Immaterial Heritage’’ lists.

  How to make these valuable cultural heritages benefit us is the major issue in front of the people of the county.

  Zeng Guoping said, stressing culture is stressing the development, only when we make good and active use of these precious cultural heritages can Tongshan achieve the real leapfrog development.

  In the culture and sport bureau of the county, the reporter learnt that in recent years, through taking a series of measures of holding cultural construction achievements exhibition, folk culture performance, community cultural activities, the county managed to make the cultural undertakings realize a long-term development. The county hold the “Large-scaled Red Song Concert”, “Weekly Performance of Square Cultural Week” and other large-scaled cultural activities for more than 10 times every year, it vigorously promotes the “Country Walk on the Cultural Sharing Project” activity, and has built 41 basic service centers. The county has realized the complete coverage of the community library and peasant bookstore, further intensifies efforts to construct the new countryside culture, insists to send more than 200 plays and 2,000 movies to the countryside every year, and takes the lead to achieve the radio and television “Reached Every Village”.

  “By 2015, the county will have formed a public cultural system of the city having gardens (cultural and sport parks), the community having squares (cultural and sport squares), the town having stations (cultural stations), the village having rooms (activity rooms), and the group having households (cultural center households).” Zeng Guoping said with great confidence.

  Walking in the new districts of Tongshan, we can see construction projects of large-scaled public cultural facilities everywhere. Tongshan Culture Expo, the New Museum and the New Cultural Hall center and library and other large-scaled projects are being in tight construction: a brand new “Cultural Tongshan” is around the corner.           

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