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Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
Administrative divisions
Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
Photos of Hongxia Village, Tiancheng Town 06-12-07



  In late autumn, Hongxia Village in Chongyang County, Tiancheng Town, is still full of green. The bamboos bursting with infinite vitality are all over the mountains and plains, and "Green Industry" related to bamboo also reveals vitality ...  Hongxia Village is in full swing doing “eco-” article.

  Hongxia Village is located in northern Chongyang County, on the south of Tongcheng County, and Xiushui County of Jiangxi Province. The Chichong Highway goes through the village. Hongxia is a village that has a land of about 12 square kilometers with mountains, waters, woods, springs, temples and caves. The clean Lushui River flows to Hongxia Village and makes a turn to Lushui Reservoir through Hutou Gorge. Fishing boats are riding on the broad surface of the water, and undulating sea of bamboos are swaying in the wind on the mountains, at the foot of which the cottages with red tiles and white walls scatter, just like a paradise.

  Hundreds of families in Hongxia Village have been living by 35,000 acres of bamboo resource. They used to sell raw bamboos and charged 10 yuan per bamboo rod. Now, the village owns bamboo processing factory and the price for a bamboo rod rises to 15 yuan. The income per capital in Hongxia Village last year reached 2600 yuan from 1000 yuan in 2001.

  With the speedy development of rural tourism and farmhouse tours, the villagers have developed market economy mind. “Farmhouse Eco-tour” plan is also carried out quietly. Zhou Jingchuan,secretary of the village, introduces that since the Chibi-Chongyang Highway was finished, the villagers have left their mountainous area to work outside, and people outside the mountains have also gone sightseeing in their village. Villagers now know the importance of green resources. Old trees and bamboos in the mountains are protected very well. Today, the villagers manage and  exploit the mountains methodically, making efforts to develop Eco-economy and build a new Eco-rural area.

  Now, the village has developed some farmhouse snacks along the Chibi- Chongyang Highway. The rural travel pattern such as Farmhouse Leisure and Songs over the Lakes has established. The tourism infrastructure and service facilities are being planned.

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