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Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
Administrative divisions
Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
[Photos of Xianning] Village in summer 07-06-03


     Blossoming Photographed byBug Hanging Around ( net name)

  ■Note Photographed by A’ming

     Return from gathering lotus Photographed by A’min


  Just like a beautiful dream, the beautiful scenery is sometimes easy to see but difficult to get. In such a vibrant season, the lotus flowers blossom, the peaches get ripe, the river rises, and the dragonflies hover freely over the field. The land has been plowed and the rice seedlings have been transplanted…We hid in the air-condition room and enjoyed the cool breeze coming from this machine, but also missed the beautiful scenery of lotus leaves and flowers in midsummer; however we needed more courage to transplant rice seedlings and to hoe in the field. Therefore, we were indifferent to these delicate picture albums; and we felt that the jade-like rice tasted like candles. 

  When returning to the village, we felt the ecstasy and grace of the nature apart from seeing the green waves and innocent smile on children’s face.

  Look! In the lotus pond, the buds come out from the leaves just like a string of notes, and the dewdrops on the leaves look like the pearl falling down on the jade plate; listen! There are songs coming from the pond, and the blossoming lotus gives off fragrance, as a light music flowing through our ears. The children are playing beside the pond, and their laughter refreshed our memory; in that familiar courtyard, the grey-haired mother stands against the door frame, and is looking forward to the return of their child from far away.

  “The well-off high officials will cease their pursuit of the fortune and fame when seeing the peak; the people busy in worldly affairs will linger for a long time while glimpsing the valley.” The village in June is so beautiful that we can’t stop taking photographs of all the fine view; the village in June is so intoxicating that it can soothe the restless heart and that we can’t taste all the fantasy.


     Let me have a look! Photograph by A’ming


     Playing water Photograph by A’ming

     Expecting  Photograph by  A’ming

  ■Aroma  Photograph by Photograph Bug Hanging Around( net name)


     Busy in transplanting rice seedlings  Photograph by Bannerman of flashing horse ( net name )



     Pictures in this edition: the pictures having the signature of A’ming are offered by A’ming, and other pictures are from Xianning News.

  Articles in this edition: written by Du Peiqing, the trainee reporter

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