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Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
Administrative divisions
Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
Memoir of the Cultural Research Pioneer of Xiangyang Lake- Li Chengwai 09-11-12


  Li Chengwai, male, born in August, 1961, has served successively as the deputy director of the Xianning (City) CPC Committee Office, the deputy secretary-general of Xianning CPPCC and the director of the Literature and History Committee. What's more, he is now the general director of the Press and Publication Bureau and the Party secretary of Xianning City; also he is the member of the International Chinese Writers Association and the Chinese Writers Association. Moreover, he is the member of the Writers Association of Hubei Province and the executive chairman of the Writers Association of Xianning City, the chairman of the Culture Research Association of Lake Xianyang in Hubei Province, the director of the Research Center of the May Seventh Cadre School in Xianning, the special proof reader of the Wuhan Press and the adjunct professor of the Hubei University of Science and Technology.

  Li Chengwai, chairman of the Culture Research Association of Xianyang Lake in Hubei Province, director of the Research Center of the May Seventh Cadre School in Xianning, general director of the Press and Publication Bureau of Xianning City, attended the 30th anniversary celebration of China Central Radio and TV University that was held in the Great Hall of the People during the harvest season of autumn on Oct. 18th. Then on Oct. 28th, he made a typical statement on behalf of the province's 500,000 Graduates in the 30th anniversary celebration of the Hubei Radio and TV University. This was not only his personal honor but also the pride of the Xianning people; what was more, it is the full recognition of cultural studies career of Xiangyang Lake he engaged.

  Li Chengwai was admitted to the Chinese Language and Literature of the Hubei Radio and TV University as the first place of Arts in Tongshan County. Through his assiduous self-study, he successfully completed his studies, and his thesis On the Satire and Humor of The Fortress Beseiged won the "Outstanding Paper Award". He graduated in 1985 and awarded as "Outstanding Graduates in Xianning" by Xianning Radio and TV University in 2000. In February, 2001, he was named the expert enjoying the special allowance of the municipal government. Then in May, 2001, he was granted the "Hubei Youth Medal" by the organization department of Hubei CPC committee, the Department of Personnel of Hubei Province, the CY Committee of Hubei Province, and the Youth Federation of Hubei Province. In 2002, he won the top 10 writers and artists of Xianning City. In January, 2007, he was granted the honorary title of "Advanced Worker of the Hubei Provincial Press and Publication System" by the Department of Personnel and the Provincial Press and Publication Bureau of Hubei Province.

  Li Chengwai is one of the few experts of the May Seventh Cadre School and the cultural research pioneer of Xiangyang Lake. For more than 10 years, he has made use of his spare time to perseverely study the culture of Xiangyang Lake and the May Seventh Cadre School, and has maderemarkable achievements at last. The veteran of the cultural sector in capital Beijing spoke highly of his achievements which produced a certain amount of social impact and had madea significant contribution to the construction of Xianning spiritual civilization.

  First, Mining a "Gold Mine" and Adhering to the "Cultural Journey"

  Li Chengwai began to mine the treasures of Xiangyang Lake from 1994. He himself interviewed the cultural celebrities who were once down passed to Xiangyang Lake. He published 100 pieces of profile interviews, and invited cultural celebrities to write more than 60 pieces of memories articles, issued nearly 80 million words. The Xianning Daily opened related column for 5 years (which won the "Hubei News Awards"), Nine Bird opened "Talking About the Xiangyang Lake - Chengwai Exclusive Interview" for nine years. In December, 1997, the column assembled as the Xiangyang Complex - Cultural Celebrities and Xianning (Vol. I.), Xiangyang Lake Intellectuals' Folk Songs (Vol. I.), and published by the People's Literature Publishing House. Moreover, this was China's first comprehensive collection of essays and memoirs reflected the life of the May Seventh Cadre School. From April, 1994 to May, 1995, Hubei People's Broadcasting Station broadcast the "Exclusive Interviews of Culture Celebrity of Xiangyang Lake" in the "Jingchu Fengliu" program. From March to August, 1997, Xianning TV Station Launched a massive series of feature films "Exclusive Interviews of Culture Celebrity of Xiangyang Lake", when the program broadcast in Hubei TV Station, it won the "Hubei TV Awards". In the end of 1998, Li Chengwai made a speech on History is in meditation in Xianning. In the fall of 1999, he planned and issued the commemorative envelope of the "Profile of the Chinese Culture Celebrity of Xiangyang Lake" (6 envelopes). People's Daily (overseas edition), Xinhua Digest, Guangming Daily, People's Literature, China Writer, Chinese Culture newspaper, Hubei Daily, People, Biographical Literature、 Contemporary Celebrities and other scores of Presses issued exclusives, memories, information and comments related to the culture of Xiangyang Lake. Xiao Qian, renowned at home and abroad, said "I believe that they do not only possesses numerous contemporary readers, but also have the historical value in the future." And the sinology master Ren Jiyu deems that "If the successors want to write the unofficial history of the Cultural Revolution, this can be the first-hand and precious materials, and can't be exceeded by the official history."…

  Second, Starting a brand presenting a splendid achievement

  In March, 1996, at the Eight of the five session of National Committee of the CPPCC, seven committee members of the press and publication industry jointly signed a proposal (NO.1137), to suggest the Ministry of Culture and the leaders of Hubei Province to focus and support the development of culture resources in Xianning; and to put the construction of Xiangyang Lake on the agenda in the The Strategic Vision of Xianning City in the 21st century and regard the exploitation of the human landscape of Xiangyang Lake as a major project. On Jun. 6th, 2000, Li Chengwai founded the seminar of Xiangyang Lake of Xianning City, and he carried out activities regularly which reached good achievements. In 2001, Book Series of Culture in Xiangyang Lake (Two books: Complex and Folk Songs) were published by the People's Literature Publishing House. Meanwhile, he established Xiangyang Lake Culture Daily to communicate with the culture field all around the world. He also opened a column in the People's Daily, Literary and Historical Materials of Wuhan, Hubei Archives, Nan'e Evening News, spreaded the articles about the Xiangyang Lake cadre school in the Xinhua Digest, Historical Materials of New Literature, Hubei Daily and some other presses. On Nov. 7th, 2002, Hubei Provincial Government announced "the former site of the cultural celebrities of Xiangyang Lake" as the provincial cultural relics protection units. In the spring of 2003, Li Chengwai hosted a special subject of "There is a Lake Named Xiangyang in Hubei" in the eminence website - People's Daily Online. Moreover in the spring of 2005, he held the post of producer of the "Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix" of the Phoenix TV, and produced five sets of The Days in Xianning Cadre School; What's more, he still actively cooperated with the Archives Bureau to facilitate the culture of Xiangyang Lake to be listed as the saving project of the State Archives Administration. In 2006, the Chinese Literature Chronicle, Contemporary volume highlighted the culture of Xiangyang Lake, In 2007, the project of Hubei Literature of the Provincial Writers Association listed the Culture of Xiangyang Lake as one of the most influential cultural brand of E'nan, and the Folk Songs of Xiangyang Lake was listed as the contemporary graduate bibliographic of the Department of Chinese of Peking University. In June, 2008, Li Chengwai published 1068: the origin of Chinese cadre school which was reprinted by People's Daily Online, News of the Communist Party of China and the Xinhua Net. In recent years, he investigated the former site of the major cadre schools all over the country, and received the inspect of the CPPCC National Committee and Literature and History Commission and scholars of Taiwan, HK and Japan, and accepted the invitation of large and medium-sized institutions inside and outside of province and delivered a keynote speech and academic reports in the Institute of the Chinese Cultural Management. The Xianning High School has edited the culture of Xiangyang Lake as the school based textbook. The Xiangyang Lake Culture Series (7 series, 3 million words) compiled by Li Chengwai has finalized and is about to publish, and this is the first series of books of systematic study of the cadre school of our country.

  Third, setting a good example and building a great career

  For Li Chengwai’s outstanding accomplishment in his work, He was reported a long write-up in the newspaper like Elite, Youth, China Writer, Hubei Daily, Changjiang Daily, Centurial Trip and Hubei writer. On Feb. 5th, 2008 ,The article Keeping Watch on the Xiangyang Lake was published in Hubei Daily as the opening work of Self Narration - Walk Through the 30 Years of Reform and Opening up. A celebrity, Zeng Kaiyuan had once spoken highly of this article, "It is remarkable that Xiangyang Lake has been the important protection unit of cultural relic of the province. As one of the Hubei's bright spot, we should tirelessly publicize it. If we do the work properly, it will not only benefit the nation, but also the whole world, just like the Siberia stars shining in the sky..." In order to spread the influence further more, he set up The Research Center on the May Seventh Cadre School in Xianning City. Many culture celebrities and scholars were invited as consultants and the members were from more than 20 provinces and the Hong Kong SAR.

  With the establishment of the center, represented as a symbol of thought and culture, a cultural brand of the 20th century's intellect spiritual fossil, Xianyang Lake would spread wider at home and abroad. Meanwhile, it took Sina blog-Chengwai of Xiangyang Lake as carrier which truly reflected the research achievements on the Five Seventh Cadre School of the south Hubei and the other places of China. On Jun. 26th, through his unremitting efforts, Li Chengwai sponsored and established Hubei Xiangyang Lake Research Association, the first provincial association focused on the research on the May Seventh Cadre School in our nation. The association invited 26 culture celebrities of Beijing who were once sent to the Xiangyang Lake as the consultant, Song Muwen, the honorary president of Copyright Society, the former director of Press and Publication Administration, sent the congratulation letters, it signifies that Xiangyang Lake culture research has taken new strides and entered a new stage.

  Meanwhile, as a scholastic leader, Li Chengwai has made great achievement in his each position as a public servant in county levels for decades. During his work in prefecture office, Li Chengwai had publicized the Xiangyang Lake culture; during his work in municipal administration, he edited a series of books: Xianning Cultural and Historical Data, Historical data of the Ministry of the Culture on Xianning "May Seventh" cadre school; Xiangyang Lake Culture; Research on the Destination of Li Zicheng; Chibi Culture, etc.. He also invited the culture and history commissary of CPPCC to pay a special visit to the south Hubei. After he presided over the municipal News Publishing Bureau, much commendation were given to the Bureau from the municipal committee and the government, it also rated as the provincial advanced collective to eliminate pornography and illegal publications for five consecutive years; won the honor of advanced collective in National copyright work by the State Copyright Administration in 2004. It wad elected as The Excellent Youth League Activist Guard by the Central Communist Youth League, the Central Comprehensive Management Office, the General Administration of Press and Publication. In March, 2007, it won the title "the advanced unit in the Fourth Five-year Law Popularization Program of national news and publishing system" by the General Administration of Press and Publication. On January, 2008, the Bureau was graded as the meritorious collective against copyright piracy by the State Copyright Administration in2006 and 2007. In 2009, it was awarded as the meritorious collective to eliminate pornography and illegal publications, which has make remarkable contributions to the prosperity of the news and publishing cause in south Hubei. (Written by Yan Zhongxin)

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