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Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
Administrative divisions
Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
Xianning, I Would Like to Take a Deep Bow to you 09-09-29

  (By Ma Shiyong)

  On August 18, 1997, I was transferred to Xianning, while, on September 28, 2009, I was transferred out of Xianning.

  How time flies! Since I Came from Xiantao City to Xianning City, I have lived and worked on this piece of lovely and beautiful land for 12 years in the twinkling of an eye. Recently, what recur in my mind are the mountains, the rivers, and the folks of Xianning, and Xianning cadres and the undertakings I have fought for with them. These memories are so fresh, so memorable, and so touching...

  Xianning, I am profoundly touched by your kindness. Here, not only the folk is simple, but also the love among family members is rich. Besides, everyone is warmhearted. Usually, no matter which family has trouble, there is needless to say the relatives will actively assist them, but also the neighbors, even the strangers will give the family in trouble comfort and help them within their abilities. This kind of kindness is sublimated to hot love in Paizhou Dyke Burst and the Wenchuan Earthquake. Numerous of love calmed storms, healed the trauma of the earth, and helped the people in disaster stricken areas hold the confidence of rebuilding their homelands.

  Chang Yuqing is a female whom everyone is familiar with. She is known as the "intimate aunt" of the workers of Hubei Pufang Textile Group Import & Export Company Ltd. Especially when recession bit into the company, she didn’t leave. Instead, she was still tirelessly planting seeds of hope and warming the hearts of the people who desired help. She not only devoted herself to this piece of land, and her occupation, but also her own kind-hearted soul. It was this simplicity and kindness that had affected me. It taught me to work in a simple style and face masses with simple emotions.

  I have financed more than 20 children who were out of school due to poverty, among which there is a girl called Yan Junlan, at that time she was studying in junior high school. She performed well both academically and morally, but her family was so poor that she narrowly dropped out of school. I helped her until she was admitted to Tongshan No.1 Senior High School. Later I was transferred to the city, and then my daughter in Wuhan City took my place to continue to finance Yan Junlan until she was admitted to Northwest Normal University. I have held a concurrent post of serving as the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions President for nearly six years, and whom I faced mostly are laid-off workers and model workers. To be honest, I was deeply moved by their good quality. They paid attention to the interests of the whole and were full of the spirit of sacrifice. It was these kindnesses and moving that made person’s soul purified.

  Xianning, I was moved for your hard work. There is a kind of place, you can not imagine its difficulty, if you have not been to; there is a kind of life, you can not experience the hard there, if you have not experienced. In the memorable days, we helped each other. During the period of The Seven-Year Priority Poverty Alleviation Program, Tongshan, Tongcheng and Chongyang were all poor counties; especially Tongshan County was one of the 12 extremely poor counties in Hubei Province. In these poverty-stricken areas, the masses pioneered enterprises with painstaking efforts; the cadres were willing to fight, endure hardship and dedicate; the leaders adhered to the spirit of long-term hard work, they led the masses to work hard as well as took the lead to work hard. All above, indeed, contributed people to form a kind of responsibility in the depths of the soul, and a driving force surging in the chest, which drove us to be assiduous in the cause of the people, and never stop! In Xianning, there are numerous famous models who I want to applaud, they are Zhou Baosheng, Zhou Mingyan, Li shanyu, Chang Yuqing, Zheng Silai, Chen Zhiyuan, Shi Zhiming, Li Jinlin…

  Xianning, I am touched by your dedication. I still remember 10 years ago, in the scorching weather, hundreds of thousands of cadres and masses were working hardly for the construction of Jiugong Mountain tourist roads and the reservoir area roads, aging from 80 years old aged men to 20 years old teenagers. Sweat soaked their clothes. Some masses got heatstroke, but they went back to the battle of constructing roads after a short break. Some members of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) rushed in difficulties and perils. Some cadres even organized the construction of the roads while hanging a drip. I will never forget those touching scenes. Every time when I think of it, there is always warmth rising from the bottom of my heart, and there is always moist dispersion in my eyes. 

  Working in a destitute county means that you have to work hard and make a dedication. In 1999, the average salary of cadres per month in Tongshan County was 300 yuan or so. As the Secretary of CPC Tongshan County Committee, I had a wage of 453 yuan every month. In order to reach the standard of Nine-year Compulsory Education, every cadre had to have an average contribution of 50 yuan. Besides, in order to restore the Dyke of Panzhouwan, averagely each cadre lent 500 yuan and donated 200 yuan. In addition, other donations were between 200-500 yuan, but there were no cadre complaining about it.

  The cadres behaved actively not only in helping the poor, but also in their daily work. I couldn’t help being deeply touched by the poor Tongshan cadres for their dedication. Tongshan County was the first one to do the reform of merging townships in Hubei Province. 26 towns were merged into 13, which resulted in the stepping down from their positions of more than 100 township leaders. In the reform of streamlining the leadership team of departments that directly under Tongshan County, another 78 leaders were switched to non-leadership positions, but they paid attention to the interests of the whole and sacrificed their own interests, calmly and quietly facing personal situation. In addition, I was also touched by those news reporters who were not only integrity but also skillful in writing articles. Meanwhile, I was moved by the spokesmen of working class. They were ready to assist the weaker and the poor ones, including helping them to deal with labor relations in offices. In one word, they safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the working class. Besides, I was touched by those police who were loyal guardians of people. They were upright, impartial, and fought with corruption.

  Xianning, I am touched by your creation. During the latest 12 years, many major changes have happened in Xianning, creating one miracle after another in south Hubei. I am glad that I have participated in and witnessed those great historical moments and events. At present, Xianning appears before people in a new look: urban and rural areas are developing rapidly and harmoniously; the road network is crisscrossing; several kilometers long Yangtze River dyke stands like a giant; economic is booming, including industries, trades and businesses and tourism industries; characteristic agriculture is forming; that social insurance systems are being improved lead to the improvement of people’s life; meanwhile, Xianning is becoming more and more famous.

  Recently years, Xianning is accelerating its developing speed, thus it has become a major part in the economic growth of Hubei Province. Besides, Xianning is also creative, in the aspect of discipline inspection alone, the following campaigns, including “Stationed Reform”, “Performance Improvement and Accountability”, “Incorrupt Government Culture”, etc. are remarkably significant in Hubei Province, and even in China. In addition, Xianning is creating miracle. For the reason that it has successfully used 100 million yuan to establish itself as a provincial civilized city. Besides, hundreds of billions of dollars of nuclear power projects has been invested there. Believe it or not, Xianning is creating a speed that completes two projects every day. Meanwhile, Xianning is creating a bright future by promoting scientific development and establishing itself as an economic powerful city in south Hubei.

  Xianning, I am touched by your justice. My last job in Xianning was working in the Commission for Discipline and Inspection of the CPC Xianning Municipal Committee, which was a challenging job. Offending people was not my nature, but the requirement of duty. Without offending a very small number of corrupt elements, it was bound to offend the majority of the people, thus being unworthy of the title of secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection. Although I suffered from stress, depression and loss, more than which I felt happy, confident and I had a firm faith. We had strong backings, such as Xianning Municipal Government, Xianning Municipal Committee, Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department. Besides, cadres and masses had fully given us understanding and support. Every informant's letter and every complaint phone firmed our determination of punishing corruption; every resentful face and every eyes of being eager for help, sparked the strength of our justice, which made us go forward  all the way in the road of anti-corruption! Life always has ups and downs, and I will face them calmly and courageously. I will also continue to fight for upholding justice in my rest of life.

  Walk into Xianning, there is always a force that can move us; there is always a kind of spirit that can encourage us; there is always an emotion that makes us sublimated; there is always a responsibility that lets us assume.

  Xianning, I would like to take a deep bow to you for your kindness, hardworking, dedication, creativity and justice.

  Removed from Xianning, I feel a bit pleased and regret. Looking back on these years, I am gratified that I did not waste time. In this hopeful land of Xianning, I devoted to pursuit and making efforts. I had both joys and sorrows. Looking back on these years, I worked tirelessly, which makes wrinkles increasing on my face, but I am willing and have no complaint. Looking back on these years, I have encountered unexpected hardships and dangers, but I haven’t had the slightest slackness, let alone retreat. During the latest 12 years, I always keep in mind the great trust of China Communist Party and expectations of the people, so in order to repay them, I have been dedicated and conscientious in my work, and have taken a series of practical actions. However, due to the limitations of the ability, there were still many things not being done very well, which resulted in a number of shortcomings and regret. During the 12 years, what I haven’t done well due to my own subjective reasons, I can only express my deep regret!

  Farewell Xianning, I will not forget your characteristics, including beautiful landscape of mountains and lakes, hot springs, miraculous caves, fragrant sweet osmanthus, emerald bamboo; I will never forget the  beautiful sceneries of visiting Jiugong Mountain, go boating on Lushui Lake, and the magic sceneries of exploring caves; I will not forget the meditating on the past in these places, including Chibi Ancient Battleground of the Three Kingdoms, Chuang Wang Tombs (the mausoleum of king of Li Zicheng), and the site of the Tingsiqiao Battle in the Northern Expedition; meanwhile, I will  not forget that this land was Revolutionary base, has beautiful sceneries now , and will have a golden future!

  Farewell Xianning, I came here with responsibility 12 years ago, and 12 years later I go away with reluctance. I not only love the rivers, the mountains and the customs and habits of Xianning, but also love Xianning people. I care about the ups and downs that I have experienced in life, bearing in mind the every sincerity and every moving of life. In the future, no matter where I will go, Xianning, this land that gave me too much touch, I will always recall and treasure. Each step of development about Xianning, I will concern and care about; each change of Xianning, I will be pleased and proud.

  May Xianning a better tomorrow! May Xianning people happy and healthy!

  Xianning, I would like to take a deep bow to you!

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