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Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
Administrative divisions
Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
Elaborate Establishment of first-class Vocational Technical College and Sincere dedicatation for harmonious Xianning 07-12-05

  Vocational Education bears tough and historic responsibility for cultivating and trainning hundreds of millions of highly qualified labor forces. Implementing the scientific development concept and vigorously developing the vocational education are the social constructions of entirely improving the national qualities and accelerating the improvement of people’s livelihood. Moreover, vigorously developing the vocational education of Xianning plays an important role in promoting Southern Hubei and in developing the city through science and education.

  Since Xianning Vocational Technical College has been set up in 2004, after more than three years’ steady development, the education and teaching are actively carried foward, the teachers team grows, the school running scale is rapidly expanded, and the appearance of the school takes on a new look . It is publicly recognized as a vocational college with rapid development, giant improvement,first-class scale and environment in Hubei. The great-leap-forward development of the college is benefited from the correct leadership and strong support from Xianning municipal party committee and municipal government. At the same time, Xianning Vocational Technical College also makes contribution to promoting the economic and social development of Xianning.

  First, seeking development in Southern Hubei as to a leafy tree certainly with deep-rooted

  Xianning Vocational Technical College was established by bringing together the vocational essences of four institutions. According to the developing demand of higher vocational education, Xianning municipal Party committee and municipal government made a decision to create a booming higher vocational college  in Xianning, based on the original Xiannig College of Education, Xianning Applied Science and Technology School, Hubei Xianning Finance and Trade Business Administration School, Hubei Xianning property tax and accounting school. The newly formed Xianning Vocational Technical College, not only has saved a lot of manpower and financial resources than the construction of a new vocational college, but also opened up a broad road for the development of the original three secondary schools which makes use of Xianning original vocational education resources fully and scientifically with a small investment and quick return so that economic and social benefits are in a win-win situation.

  We have conquered many conflicts and difficulties to achieve the smooth merger of the four institutions. When Xianning Vocational Technical College started, what it confronted with were serious shortage of funds, the ideological differences, lacking of faculty, and inadequate school running conditions and we could say that it was beset with difficulties. The leading team of the college has grasped the overall situation, sought common ground while reserving differences, seized the contradictions and capitalized on the trend, which guaranteed the orderly transition of all works of the whole college and achieved the soft landing of the merger of four institutions.

  We should stick to the development of the college and expand its scale. With the smooth merger of the four institutionsas the organizational foundation of the further evolution, the leadership team grasp the keylink of enrolllment and design relevant policies. The main part of the enrollment are the vocational colllege students and the subsidiary part the technical secondary school students and senior high school students. The years between 2004 and 2006 saw the great success of the students enrollment, and the rapid size expanding of the college has transfused more energy to the college. The consumptions of the staff and the students have facilitated the economic development of the tertiary industry, which has contributed much to the economical and social development of Xianning City.

  We regard the evaluation of running school as an opportunity to inject vitality to the development of the college. To speed up the leapfrog development, the leading team of the college have made a major decision to purchase 20 hectares of land, mainly based on the mainstay of the original Xiannig College of Education as the expansion of the new campus, constructing the comprehensive teaching building, library science and technology building, laboratory building, administration building, student apartment complex, student activity center, science hall, student canteen and other buildings with a considerable size and the modern university features. However where the hundreds of millions of money came from? The leading team of the college based on the current situation of Xianning economic development did not ask help from Xianning municipal Party committee and municipal government, by increasing the revenue, exploring the internal potential on its own, they invested 150 million yuan, which generously wrote a glorious chapter on the history of the development in Xianning Vocational Technical College. The new campus’ expansion project is a vivid portrayal of the hardworking and enterprising spirit  of people in Xianning Vocational Technical College and another contribution to the economic and social development of Xianning.

  Second, concerning Southern Hubei and grasping service as to only leafiness leading to showy flowers.

  Serving the local economic development and social progress is the basic principle of running the vocational education. In order to have sustainable and rapid development, higher vocational education of Xianning must be based on Southern Hubei and serve Southern Hubei, grasping reform and focusing on innovation on the basis of in Xianning characteristics. The development of Xianning Vocational Technical College must make a bigger and better task around the strategic vision of Xianning economic and social development in the 21st century.

  One. Grasping professional construction on Xianning development

  To serve the strategy of “Starting construction and Prospering City, we have built the professions of mold design and manufacturing, numerical control technology and its applications, information management and information systems, etc.; to serve the strategy of “wealthy and strong city”, we have strengthened the transformation of  professions including Biological Science Experiment, Animal Science specialty, agronomic Education specialty, Urban Greening and Management; to serve the strategy of “technology priority”, we have enhanced construction of majors like mechanical and electrical integration, application of electronic technology, and economic information management and computer applications ,etc.; to serve the strategy of “City promotion”, we have strengthened personnel training of communications, economic management, and township enterprises management ,etc..

  Two. Strengthening scientific and technological development through personnel advantages

  The college has actively made use of existing faculty, equipment and conditions, actively participated in the technology development of enterprises, and has carried out technical services. It has organized many rounds of activities of sending science and technology into the plant, solving the technical problems in production for Xianning Winton adhesive gap limited enterprise, etc. What’s more, some research and development project have even filled up the technology gaps in this regard at home. The department of Bioengineering has organized many science advocacies in edible mushroom cultivation, floriculture conservation, etc. Professor Liu Zhenxiang and other teachers of the department have cooperated with the Xianning television for many times during the season when a large number of true mushrooms breed rapidly, using special programs to talk about the hazards, identification and emergency treatment of  the acute intoxication of true mushrooms, so they have received positive comments from various quarters.

  Three. Improving the quality of staffs by social training

  For example, we have actively trained 5,000 person-times for the high-tech enterprises of the development zone, covering 26 special areas, saving costs for the enterprises. Between the year of 2006 and 2007, the Department of Computer Science has carried out a series of training of 400 members for the health of the Municipal Personnel Bureau, training 130 members for the National People’s Congress and Armed Police detachment. Department of English and Department of Grammar have trained more than 600 person-times in rural schools. Department of Art has cooperated with Power Company and Hubei Kaiyuan Printing Factory to carry out training for software design. Finance Department has cooperated with Municipal Construction Committee to train the five largest members and mechanics in the construction industry,etc.. Over the past few years, our college has cooperated with the Poverty Alleviation Office, the sun Office and other departments, training a total amount of over 25,000 members for the transformation of rural labor forces, rural practical personnel, urban unemployed members, National civil servant, and the local armed police forces, etc. receiving extensive recognition from the society.

  Four. Serving the social employment through professional identification

  The college has set up the National Computer Rank Examination test sites(4252), IT&AT National Education project training base, National English Proficiency Test centers(PETS2301 center) and Language Work Committee in terms of computer, English, Mandarin and Benchmarks, etc. On the one hand, they provide services on computer, English, Mandarin and Benchmarks for the students in school, creating conditions for students’ employment; on the other hand, they provide warm services for members in Xianning who have the similar needs. The college has also established the national vocational skills certification and industry-specific Occupational Skill Testing Authority, mainly providing services for the various types of job seekers to obtain something about the related Vocational Certificate. In the recent years, the college has organized a variety of vocational skills training and assessment test, referring to the 17 professions like secretary, public relations officer, marketing staff, human resources management division, e-commerce division, information manager, project manager, animal husbandry manager, electrician, lathe-operator, wireless installing and connecting technician, radio debugging engineer, refrigeration equipment repair and others, among which over 6000 members have obtained various types of vocational qualification certificates.

  Third, taking the construction of Southern Hubei as our responsbility as to only showy flowers can flourish

  One. Lying a solid base for assessment, creating a demonstrative higher vocational college

  This year is the first time that Xianning Vocational Technical College meets the Ministry of “personnel training level assessment”.

  We have conscientiously implemented the policy of “promoting the construction, reform and management through the assessment, combing the assessment with the construction, and emphasizing on construction” included in the notification on fully carrying out the personnel training level assessment in higher vocational colleges. Focusing on new campus construction to accelerate and enlarge the construction of  running school conditions—set up a vigorous university campus as soon as possible with magnificent buildings, clear roads, clear waters and green hills, singing birds and fragrant flowers, and the sound of reading aloud, making people deeply feel the talent growth hall which is not only a place of marvelous sceneries but also the hometown of many celebrities. Focusing on improving the quality and speeding up the construction of faculty—according to the principle of high quality, moderate quantity and reasonable structure to strength the ranks of teachers of our college, making a rapid improvement of the teachers’ titles, academic credentials, teaching levers and skills. Focusing on practical teaching , strengthening the construction of research—make professional settings, teaching contents and economic construction and social development, theoretical teaching and practical teaching closely linked, enhance students’ employability and entrepreneurial skills which will make the employment rate of the students to a genuine high level.

  From the viewpoint of education, Creating a demonstrative higher vocational college through assessment can lead to an overall rapid development of higher education in Xianning, which can change the situation that Xianning higher vocational education having lagged behind that of the whole province; from the viewpoint of educatees, it can describe a beautiful life for more students, and can create a better conditions of being a useful person; from the viewpoint of society, it is conducive to cultivate the high-quality, skilled talents who possess creative spirits and  entrepreneurial capacity, who can be retained and willing to dedicate. Assembling the excellent talents in the world can revitalize the great cause of Xianning.

  Two. Strengthening the construction of central and provincial trainings base, and creating Xianning vocational training base

  The greatest contribution the school has made to socio-economic development is to bring up talent, according to the characteristics of higher vocational education, to train highly skilled personnel, theoretical teaching alone cannot complete, we must strengthen the practical teaching. We have gathered the force of the whole college to strengthen the construction of the training base, especially the construction of the central and provincial training base. Since 2006, our college has invested 21 million yuan to strengthen the construction of internal electronic reading room, computer networks, biological laboratories, accounting laboratory practical training base, etc. The college has more than 100 external training bases altogether (70% of them are built in Xianning) to strengthen the contacts of school with enterprises, industry and society, so that students and jobs can have zero-distance Contacts, which effectively improves the vocational skills of students. The completions of the internal and external training bases, not only provide the necessary services for students in Xianning Vocational Technical College, but also play an exemplary and leading role in the practical teaching of the vocational schools in Xianning.

  Three. Keeping the path of combination of production, teaching and research, striving for the cradle for training talents for Xianning economic and social development.

  According to the close relationship between the present professional setting of our college and local socio-economic development of Xianning, the college intends to intensify reform and do a good job in the following areas.

  The first step is to strengthen construction of tourism profession, and make contribution to revitalize the city through tourism. We should implement the major decisions made by the municipal government of setting up an excellent tourist city in China. Xianning is located in the overlap of the “three cultural tourism” and the “three gorges scenery tourist”, which is rich in tourist resources, and possesses the advantages and potential to put the development of the tourist industry as a leader, and spurs all-round development of the tertiary industry. We resolutely implement the correct decisions of the municipal party committee and municipal government, increase the construction of the tourist profession, and do well in the professions of tourism and hotel management; we create favorable conditions for the purpose “let Xianning walk towards the world, and let the world know about Xianning”. With the construction of Xianning attractions and scenic areas, health and leisure base and conference venue, and the acceleration of the construction of commercial logistics facilities, we must strive to improve the professional teaching quality of tourism and  other tertiary industry, and develop more tourism managers, service providers and developers with higher quality, providing more services and better reassurances of the software construction of Xianning tourism, making contribution to building Xianning tourism with large industry, and big market.

  The second step is to increase the construction of bio-engineering, and to contribute to the development of “special agriculture” of Xianning. Bio-engineering in our college, was founded in 1976, with strong qualities of teaching and scientific research, and now has agronomic education, biology education, modern landscape art, urban greening and management, animal science and other six majors. We should sincerely serve specialty agriculture strategy of Xianning, and promote the transformation of the Xianning agricultural economy from the resource-constrained to the market-oriented. Around the features of Xianning agriculture of the “four hometowns and six industries” (the hometown of sweet-scented osmanthus, Nan bamboo, ramie and tea; six pillar industries includes nursery, vegetable, kiwi fruit, tracibility, Lei bamboo and fruit), we are to train more and high-quality urgent talents on planting, processing, marketing and scientific research.

  We are also to intensify the professional construction of computer applications, e-commerce, logistics management, industrial and civil engineering application of electronic technology, CNC technology and its applications, mold design and manufacturing, etc., we share every weal and woe with the construction of Xianning, and attend to every consideration of Xianning, making Xianning Vocational Technical College as the personnel nursery of social and economic development of Xianning.

  With perseverance and indomitable spirit, we take root in Southern Hubei to display our political aspirations. Xianning Vocational Technical College is to play an active role in the rise of Xianning in Southern Hubei and Wuhan Urban Economic Circle, to build a moderately prosperous Xianning, harmonious Xianning, ecological Xianning, and people in Xianning Vocational Technical College will dedicate their intelligence. (Reported by Yang Fulin)

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