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Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
Administrative divisions
Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
Warmly Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Radio and Television Universities 08-04-08

2008 is one special year: it has been 30 years since China’s Reform and Opening up, it’s the year to witness Beijing Olympic Games, and it is also the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Xianning Municipality. For distance education career, it is particularly special in that it is the 30th anniversary since Mr. Deng Xiaoping approved and proposed to run the Radio and Television University

Through 30 years’ development, The Radio and Television University has continuously expanded its influence. Modern distance education has been a focused industrywith public. During the 30 years process, the Radio and Television University practice has stepped from universities to society, from degree education to non-degree education and then expanded to the field of all people learning and all life learning. On the forum of memorizing the Radio and Television University 30th anniversary authorized and proposed by Deng Xiaoping and promote developing national lifelong learning system, State Councilor Chen Zhili has indicated that the Radio and Television University has made great contribution to the development of national higher education. It has been a backbone of our national modern distance education, an important support of promoting national concept of all people learning and all life learning, a key part of our national higher education. The Radio and Television University will play an active role in constructing human resources powers in our country.

First, the Radio and Television Universtiy’s foundation and development is not only Deng Xiaoping educational thoughts’ practice but also a pioneering work in China higher education development history.

Developing radio and television education is a successful practice of Deng Xiaoping’s educational thoughts that giving priority to the development of education, cultivating more talents in a faster way. Deng Xiaoping thought deeply about our national economic and social development so that he proposed a series of important theories that giving priority to the development of education and improving the whole nation’s scientific and cultural level etc. In order to improve the backwardness of education in China after cultural revolution as soon as possible, Mr. Deng Xiaoping sharply recognized that it is a shortcut of expanding higher education’s scale, cultivating more talents in a faster way and improving the whole nation’s scientific and cultural level by using radio, television and other modern approaches to create a new model of distance and open education. Under this background, on February 6th 1978, Deng Xiaoping himself proposed and authorized the establishment of the Radio and Television University. Facts have proved that the Radio and Television University has provided opportunities of accepting higher education for many learners and made historic contribution to cultivating special talents in an urgent need in society.

The development of radio and television education is a successful practice of Mr. Deng Xiaoping’s educational thought of “walking on two legs”. Mr. Deng Xiaoping had always advocated that education still depends on two legs to walk. For higher education, colleges and universities is one leg while a variety of part work and part study education and amateur universities is the other one. We can conclude that when considering to recover and develop higher education, he also paid much attention to the adults higher education which is in non-traditional sense. The establishment of the Radio and Television University is the very embodiment of Mr. DengXiaopin’s important thoughts on developing educational career.

The development of the radio and television education is a successful practice of Deng Xiaoping’s thought on modernization education. That education facing the modernization, facing the world, facing the future is the centralized summarization of Deng Xiaoping’s important statements on education problem. Deng Xiaoping predicted that science and technology is not only the decisive factor of economical society's development but also going to promote a revolutionary profound change of education in future. He has especially concerned about booming modern distance education in western developed countries and combined with Chinese situation so that he made an important decision of developing Chinese education by radio and television and other modern teaching methods. That he has earnestly practiced to vigorously promote modern distance education reflects his strong determinations that he attached much importance to modern education technology and wanted to accelerate education modernization.

Second, the Radio and TV University has made great contribution to the development of Chinese higher education and local economy.

It has been thirty years since Deng Xiaoping gave an instruction of setting up the Radio and TV university, the universities of all levels provide opportunities for the masses to receive higher education, promoted the process of China’s higher education popularization and has made tremendous contribution in the construction of lifelong learning system in China. Nowadays, the Radio and TV university has became the backbone of modern distance education and the important support of promoting all people learning, lifelong learning in China.

By 2007, except the Central Radio and TV University, 44 provincial and 956 municipal radio and TV universities, 1875 county level branch schools and 3292 teaching points have been established. The Radio and TV universities of all levels have realized connection through satellite and Internet, which created service-base for the construction of lifelong education system and learning society. The Radio and TV universities actively adopt modern teaching means in education, multi-level, multi-standard, multi-function and multi-form in running school, providing large quantities applied specialized personnel of staying down, using well and working well for society, especially for bases, among them, the accumulative total of higher educational background graduates was 6 million while the number in all non-record education and training was more than 40 million. Especially eight years of the plan of person training mode innovation and making experiments on open education in the Central Radio and TV University carried out by ministry of education in 1999~2007, only the open education cumulatively recruited 4,580,000 students, about 2,380,000 graduates, which account for eighth of the total students of all kinds of higher education in synchronization, one third of the total enrollment of adult higher education, over two-third of the total enrollment of three distance education pilot.

What’s more, it was thirty years since the Radio and TV University has been set up, further investigation has been made, which accumulated a lot of invaluable experience for the construction of lifelong learning system in China, mainly embodied in four aspects.

First, explore the new mode of adapting different learning needs and providing diversified educational services. For a long time, the Radio and TV Universities adhere to facing basic units, facing industry, facing countries, facing outlying and ethnic areas, which meet different needs of social members in service. Among the campus students of the Radio and TV Universities, over a three-quarter students are from the municipal district or lower, more than 90% students are staffs over 21 years old and special education is prepared for disabled people and others in tough condition so that the goal of cultivating special applied talents can be reached and Chinese own open talents cultivating system can be formed.

Second, explore new road by comprehensive use of modern technology to develop distance education. The Radio and TV Universities lay stress on the effective integration of various media technology, which has formed convenient, flexible and open teaching and learning environment by combining the sky-earth network and the interaction of three level platforms, and it has been realized that the open education based on multi-medium-technique has became the mainstream and direction of the Radio and TV Universities’ education and the backbone of national distance education by means of broadcasting, transforming the educational technology through network technology.

Third, explore a new way of cooperation in running school, integrating and sharing educational resources. Widespread participations by all circles of the society is the most remarkable characteristics of the Radio and TV Universities’ thirty-year practice in running school. The Radio and TV Universities are positive to run schools jointly with advanced colleges, industries and enterprises. It utilizes advanced colleges and scientific research institutes, and it also makes use of experimental premises and equipments of factories and enterprises. Thus, in order to develop different kinds of social education resource to promote the education development of the Radio and TV universities. Meanwhile it enhanced the adaptability of social demand of the Radio and TV Universities on the level of school, the setting of specialities, the training of targets and so on.

Fourth, explore new mechanism of effectively guaranteeing the quality of distance education. After years’ exploration, the Radio and TV universities have formed the open talent training mode, teaching mode of integration of learning and guidance, and teaching management model of system operation; They have established the world largest and widest distance education system of overall planning and stratified management; They have improved five unifies of teaching management system which including teaching plan, curriculum standard, teaching material, test and marking standard, and also have improved the unified operational mechanism of teaching process control, learning support service, system operation and so on, it effectively ensured the personnel training quality of open education at the background of lifelong learning.

Third, modern distance education ,the Radio and Television Universities in particular, will play an active role in developing a strong human resources country. The party constitution of the 17th National Congress of CPC has clearly put forward the requirements of constructing a strong human resources country. In the report, it is first pointed out that developing distance education and further education and constructing a all people learning and lifelong learning society which endows more tough task with modern distance education. Guided by the scientific development concept and made full use of modern distance education's positive effects to build a strong human resources country, the Radio and Television University's education has played an important role.

First, modern distance education plays an active role in developing all people learning and lifelong learning society. With large population, vast territory, unbalanced developed economic society, qualified educational resources shortage, distance open education has made it possible to let people learn at any time and space by making a breakthrough of conquer the limitation with open concept, distance communication and media technology. Besides, it is necessary to make full use of distance open education to develop all people learning, lifelong learning and learning society.

Second, modern distance education plays an important part in developing further education. With science and technology's rapid development, it requires employees improving knowledge and technological level while the demand of incumbency further education is constantly increasing. With the industrial structure and vocational structure's change, employees' flow into industrial and vocational posts is increasing while their demands of rotating station, occupation transference and re-employment training is getting heavier. Modern distance education has its special advantages of integrating qualified resources and making it convenient for learners so that we could make contribution to further education with its help.

Third, modern distance education has great influence on narrowing the education gap and promote education fairness. Because of economic, history, society and many other aspects, the education gap between urban and rural areas, regions, crowds in our country still exists. The vast rural area, basic leveled, outlying national region has relative less opportunity to accept education and a shortage of qualified resources because of inconvenient transportation and block information. The weak education has restricted the development of undeveloped area and vulnerable groups. Modern distance education has advantages of widely covering and providing qualified education resources. Faced with undeveloped areas and vulnerable groups, we should make best of it to narrow education gap and promote education fairness.

Fourth, steadily develop Xianning Radio and Television University

First, continually improve comprehensive strength by overcoming difficulties.

Xianning Radio and Television University is a locally-administered institution of higher education which is approved to establish by people’s government of Hubei Province on September 9th, 1980. There are 6 branch campuses in Xianan, Tongshan, Chongyang, Tongcheng, Chibi, jiayu which contain Xianning electronic and technology school. In 2005, “Xianning primary and secondary school teacher education school” was approved to be establishes by the city bureau of education, as well as the “sunshine project” training base and the retired soldiers training base. Since 1990s, the school once has successively been designated as the test site of Xianning self-study examination on computer operation, national computer rank examination, Xianning teachers’ certificate examination and further education base of Xianning high school teachers. Since the school was established, there are 94 specialities of science, engineering, agriculture, and the medcine etc successively among undergraduate course universities, colleges and technical secondary schools from which 24,000 people have graduated and non-degree education has been provided over 70,000 person times. In Xianning, the institution of the Radio and Television University has 267 faculty members included, 156 professional teachers and over 60 part-time. At present, there are over 4,000 students in the university among the whole city, with 1600 undergraduate and junior college students and 800 technical secondary schools’ students. The head campus covers 20 acreswhile the whole construction area is more than 20,000 square meters. It has a fixed asset over 20 million yuan. So far everything is prepared for the distance education equipments. The Radio and Television University has been awarded as national advanced unit of audiovisual education by ministry of education, adult college of great achievements and qualified school by the Provincial Education Committee, trusty test site and advanced unit of non-degree education by Provincial Television University and many other honorable titles. After nearly 30 years development, Xianning Radio and Television University has been a local modern comprehensive distance open university with comparatively perfect modern distance education infrastructure, relatively rich modern distance education teaching resources, relatively complete modern distance learning support service system, higher-leveled teaching team of distance education, strong management ability and research ability of modern distance education, comprehensive ability ranked in the front in the whole province, a distance learning center, further education center, the backbone of lifelong education system in Xianning and plays an active role in developing local economic society.

Second, with a scientific orientation, the Radio and Television University develops in a sustainable progress.

In the recent 30 years, the Radio and Television University has insisted teaching by facing basic-level people, industries, remote areas, outlying and national areas and adhered to face the education requirements of faculty members and applied talents cultivation. It has determined to be the backbone of all people learning, the stage of learning society, the principle of weighing education fairness, the supply station of self-development and struggles to become the backbone of national lifelong education system. According to the goals that the lifelong education system is based on the Radio and Television University and gradually forms a center of modern distance open education and satisfy various leveled education, to build Xianning Radio and Television University as the further education and modern distance open education center in our city proposed bymunicipal party committee and municipal government, the Radio and Television University has always kept his own development orientation in mind and been clear that opening education is their major work in running university's thought and action. After 9 years development, running and developing school by open education has become the main direction of Xianning Radio and Television University. In autumn 1999, Xianning Radio and Television University became one of the first talents cultivating system reform and open education pilots in which there are 16 specialties of educational undergraduate courses with 2716 students enrolled and 14 of educational college courses with 2545 people enrolled and 5261 in total. The development direction of the Radio and Television University is more explicit, and its prospect is brighter.

Third, with the connotation development, the teaching management level is continuing to be improved.

After nearly 30 years development, faculty members in the Radio and Television University positively explore new mode of distance open education. The Radio and Television University has realized four transformations. One, the transformation of education thought from teachers’ teaching to students’ learning. Two, teaching methods transformation from single radio and television teaching to various interactive teaching with net teaching included. Three, teaching resources transformation from centered by literal textbooks to comprehensive ones of literal, audiovisual and other media resources. Four, the transformation of management from a closed campus to a networked and open one.

Since the establishment of Radio and Television University, the faculty members have been clearly aware that quality is the lifeline of its education. The university has adhered to emphasis teaching, quality, teaching process and deepened reform of education and teaching. It has also insisted setting the rich teaching resources as base, setting strict teaching management system as the guarantee, setting gradually perfect study supporting service system as a stage, setting high and new technological service education as means, setting realizing all people lifelong learning as own duties so that process management, quality supervision, faulty members cultivation, education service can be strengthened and education quality can be improved constantly.

Fourth, struggle in adversity and develop a new chapter

Radio and Television University, relying on the support of national education policies, is a kind of distance learning for adults, but the traditional student sources of it has declined gradually. With the disordered competition from the enrollment expansions and adult education institution of college and university started in 1999, the rapid development of local professional institutions, and the establishments of Internet-school, the development of base Radio and Television University enrollment was squeezed. Because of the adjustment of educational institution and integration of educational resources, the integrality of Radio and Television University is stroked, and the functions of the Radio and Television Universities are weakened. Modern teaching equipments are out of date and essential facilities are in shortage for the lack of school founds. To some extent, the thoughts of people in the Radio and Television University are not free enough, the structure and quality of teachers are in urgent to perfect and improve, which have great effects on the development of the Radio and Television University.

Confronted with difficulties, members of Party Committee of the Radio and Television University cooperates with each other and make a forward progress under the leadership of the party committees and governments of all levels and under the direct guidance and management of Central and Provincial Radio and Television University. Compressively implementing the Scientific Development View and persisting the way of scale development and connotation development to create a new prospect and strive in the adversity with the guiding thought of making university alive by openness, running school with quality, thriving it with features, and strengthening it with talents, is the key to make a break-though.

To begin with, it is a must to take the enrollment of students as the main work to fulfill the scale development. There were 1682 students on existing types in 2007, 490 people more than that in 2006, with an incensement of 41%. A sanctifying result was achieved by recruiting 1014 students through opening enrollment in the spring of 2008, making a growth of 266%. The system of municipal Radio and Television University enrollment has achieved double-digit growth for three years successively with 3655 internal students in school so far. Ranking seventh in the scale of open education and first in the dimensions of adult education, the Radio and Television University has become the bellwether in provincial education and laid a fine foundation for various fields of the university. Adhere to the idea of making university alive by openness, the Radio and Television University should , broaden the channels of school-running .In 2007, it expand and deepen joint school-running with Mechanical and electronic information technology school of Chibistrengthen the power of the cooperation middle professional schools. At present, joint school-running has become the main part of direct education of the city and themain revenue source of the Radio and Television University.

Secondly, persisting the combination of education with record of formal schooling and Non-diploma education, broadening the development of Non-diploma education, the Radio and Television University keeps carrying out various forms of job training, vocational skills training Sunshine Project Training and other Non-diploma educational training programs. Nearly thousands of junior teachers , headmaster of middle schools have taken part in the training courses in recent tree years. It also organized the pre-posting job training of new workers from municipal credit cooperatives and the transformation labor training --Sunshine Project Training from rural areas, achieving fine economic and social benefits. More than 6000 people took the exams on AQE, Degree in Foreign Languages off Hubei and so on organized by the Radio and Television University, getting fine achievement on non-diploma education in Xianning.

Besides, emphasizing Connotation Development to ensure the quality, improving the level of teaching management continuously, TV University should reinforce educational administration, teaching management, and strengthen the management of teaching progress. The year of 2007 was taken as “the year of management  reinforced”. All faculty members improve education combined with working style, insist setting students as the center and net-learning as the main method. They adhere to "two modes, two systems" to improve management level. Besides, they put strategy “talents promote universities’ development” into practice and strengthen teachers’ abilities so that teachers teaching and research level can be improved. The innovative mechanisms of constructing a “the Radio and Television University harmonious system” achieve initial results. Xianning Radio and Television University has signed the running school project agreements of Central Radio and Television University talents cultivating system’s reform and open education pilot in Hubei Radio and Television University, according to the market discipline and agreements to running school, gradually formed a new mechanism of education by stages, functional complementation, resources sharing and coordinated development which adapt to market economic system. Campus enrollment, teaching and educational administration should be strengthened to solve the practical problems of campus enrollment, school management etc. It is necessary to have active communication with the administrative department of education and all-leveled governments and effectively solve the difficulties and problems in practical work. The municipal bureau of education in 2007 has specialized in organizing the forum on the work of a principle. All counties (cities, districts) branches directors gathered with all branches campus principles to develop good strategies for TVU’s development which creates a well environment for the development of TVU’s system and greatly improves the cohesion of the system.

It is really a tough task and we should do it from the beginning. All faculty members of the Radio and Television University will gather more qualified education resources, provide more considerate supporting service, run more effective school net, develop more significant scientific research, promote its education's sustainable development and struggle to be Xianning distance education center, further education center, test and service center and social education center so that it will make great contribution to fine and rapid development of local economical construction. (Reported by Yu Qishui, Xianning Radio and Television University)

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