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Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
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Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
Xianning Vocational Technical College is on the Rise 08-05-27



   In the picture, Mr. Yang Fulin, the president of Xianning Vocational Technical College (XVTC) is introducing the basic information to Mr. Zhang Chang’er, member of Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Committee, director of Publicity Department of Hubei Provincial Committee and Mr. Huang Chuping, secretary of Xianning municipal Party committee. (Pictured by Gong Bin’an)

  At the foot of Qianshan Hill and on the edge of Ganhe River, a modern college with row upon row of teaching buildings, star-studded training workshops, graceful scenery and diligent students, is rising sharply.

  On May 12, 2011, the journalist of Xianning News Net stepped into XVTC and experienced the miraculous changes of this college. Mr.Yang Fulin,the president, said that in recent four years, 0.2 billion yuan has been put into optimizing the teaching conditions, the scale of the construction is equal to the total input of the former 40 years.

  The impetus of the developmentXVTC keeps pace with the social development of Xianning City.

  In recent years, the economic development of Xianninghas entered into a comprehensive and burgeoning period, which set a high demand for higher vocational education. To meet the goal, however, XVTC has undergone a traversed and tortuous course.

  In 2004, Xianning Vocational Technical College was set up by combining the former Educational College with Xianning Forestry School, Xianning Financial School and Xianning Taxation School. At that time, Hubei Province already had over 50 higher vocational colleges, XVTC can be regarded as the youngest one in the whole vocational colleges of Hubei Province. And campuses of XVTC were scattered, its specialties were simplex and its teaching quality was weak, the total liability of the four schools reached 58 millions.

  Many people were suspicious about and some were looking on whether this combination could create a mighty school. The competent administrative department of the province emphasized that during the founding process, Xianning Vocational Technical College must roundly accept the assessment of the personnel training level.

  Faced with severe situation, arduous tasks and limited time, leaders of XVTC identically agreed that the bounden duty of the first group of leaders is to devote and fight hard with a pioneering spirit. They made a tough, decisive and scientific decision confidently that the school should put the great-leap-forward development first and led all staff to devote to the journey of development.

  The bottleneck that has restricted the development of XVTC is the short supply of students. In 2003, the total students of the college was less than 10,000, many teaching facilities were left unused, some teaching and administrative staffs stayed at home without payment and work, some of them even made a living by feeding poultry or growing flowers.

  The college would have no space of development if the obstacle wasn’t removed. The staffs have taken advantage of various media actively, widened the width of admittance publicity; gone deep into the admittance publicity by advertising different schools and families; they have implemented order model education, put more attention on the reform of education. The college has built accessible information of employment, tamped the intensity on employment direction. All the teaching and administrative staffs have become publicity agents of student enrollment, professional instructors, and employment instructors. Most students have got the diploma, job qualifications sheet and professional skills certificates after graduation and become talents with two certificates and various skills. Solid teaching ability, and proficient skills have made the college enjoy an increasing employment rate. In recent years, the graduates' employment rate reached above 90% , top the whole higher vocational colleges of the province. 

  With extended student enrollment and easier employment for graduates, XNTC staged a turnaround in student enrollment. In 2004, the freshmen was 5,000, it reached 7,500 in 2005. So far, the number of on-campus students reaches 19,000, so an educational system with junior college education as the major, technical secondary school, high school and adult education as supplement has been established.

  The main problem of XVTC on development is the financial shortage. The combination of four schools required to integrate various resources. The increasing number of on-campus students required the college to build a new campus. So leaders of the college asked experts of the National College Construction Committee to help them to develop a new blueprint of the new campus. The new plan was well-designed, the total investment reached 0.3 billion yuan, among which the investment of the first period was 0.18 billion yuan. It was an incredible number for the young College.

  Development is the first priority. What has made all the leaders take action immediately was their sense of responsibility, aim and urgency. They have applied plans from the Development and Reform Commission, have applied loan from financial departments, have striven for educational programs from administrative departments, and have raised funds in various ways. At the beginning of 2005, the expanding project needed 15 million yuan for paying the debt of land acquisition, the plan, loan and project could not solve the problem. But finally, with the guidance of leaders and the unremitting efforts of all staffs, soon they raised 15 million yuan, the debt of land acquisition was paid in time. In June, the expanding project of the new campus was launched as scheduled.

  In recent years, the enrollment situation of XVTC is getting better and better, the school’s benefit is rising year by year, but the growing rate of income of the teaching and administrative staffs is small, the leaders have done their work without obtaining job subsidies for four years. Every one of this college said that it’s worthy of making contribution to our college for the reason that the development of our college the human-oriented development.

  In recent four years, the expanding project is carrying forward smoothly. Grand architectural complex such as the administrative building, training workshops, libraryand student apartments have been completed successively, the advanced training facilities have been perfected continually. A new campus, with the floor areas of over 1000 acres and the area of structure of 370,000 square meters, has stood beside the Ganhe. River, and becomes graceful scenery of the city.

  The strategy of the development—specialty construction keeps pace with the development of Xianning industry

  Xu Wei was the graduate of applied electrics from the department of electronics, after working in Hubei Sunlight Electric Co.,Ltd for 3 years, she was promoted to be an engineer of the technical development department and became a member of expert group which is mainly in charge of the transformer design. When talking about her alma mater, she appreciated unfeignedly that the advanced educational idea and strict combination of practice and study of the college have contributed to her success.

  Liu Fang is a girl from Liaoning Province, after graduation from tourism major, with tourist certificate and mandarin level certificate, she became a business backbone quickly in a tourism enterprise. She has guided tour groups independently for many times, and she is complimented by manyconsumers and other colleagues of this industry. She appreciates her alma mater and said: “It’s XVTC that has cultivated me, I would make any contribution to the economic development of Xianning.”

  Such examples are uncountable. In recent four years, while sending talents to coastal areas, XVTC has also cultivated talents for Xianning. Throughout the four years, it has supplied over 6000 skilled talents to various enterprises and public institutions in Xianning, hence making a great contribution to Xianning’s development.

  At the beginning of the establishment of XVTC, it has established the idea that it should serve the local economic development as its own responsibility, should adjust its specialty provision, optimizing the structure of majors, should cultivate skilled talent with excellent qualities for the development of local industries, should strengthen its ability in serving the regional economy.

  According to the strategic disposition of the eleventh five-year plan on the economic and social development of Xianning, XVTC has applied for the some new majors such as mechatronics, CNC technology and construction costs for the aim of strengthening the five pillar industries such as electromechanical manufacture, metallurgical building material.

  According to the arrangement of the municipal party committee and the municipal government of cultivating the five emerging industries such as biological project and new pharmacy, XVTC has applied some new majors such as biotechnological pharmaceutics, electronic business and computer networking technology.

  According to the decision of Xianning government of making breakthrough in developing tourism industry, depending on the unique regional advantage and the resource superiority of Xianning in Wuhan City Circle, XVTC has applied some new majors such as garden technology, tourism management and hotel management.

  Presently, the 36 majors of 10 departments connect closely with the key industries, characteristic agriculture and the tertiary industry, which is represented by tourism industry of Xianning, so the graduates can meet preferentially the needs of the enterprises and public institutions of Xianning. At the same time, XVTC takes advantage of itself, launching training for the staffs of local enterprises in improving their skills. In recent years , XVTVC has trained more than 5000 workers, who are from various industries such as textile industry, engineering and so on, this measure has reduced the training cost greatly of these enterprise. And they make use of the present teaching resources and facilities actively to participate in innovating new products and solving problems of scientific research. The teachers and students have solved more than 100 technical problems for 25 enterprises in succession such as Tongtai Viscose Products Company.

  In the process of serving local economy and boosting the development of local enterprises, XVTC has also obtained wide developing room for itself. The teaching quality and research ability of the six majors such as horticulture, computer applied technology, CNC technology, artistic design of decoration, tourism management, architectural engineering technology have been improving and strengthening. They become famous majors in the field of higher vocational education of Hubei Province. XVTC has been authorized as one of the nation-graded talent training bases both in the fields of horticulture and computer applied technology, which enjoys the financial supply from the Centre Government.

  The security of the development -- the construction of the college keeps pace with the training of professional talents. 

     As to XVTC, the construction of the college has a special meaning.

   At the beginning of the establishment of the college, there were 24 vice county-graded leaders, the condition was the same as the middle-graded leaders; there were more than 200 leaders with vice title, which took up one third of the teaching and administrative staffs of that time. The situation of human resource was redundant, the duty of every leader was not clear, all the policies were made and carried out sluggishly.

  The college would not develop unless solving the problem of redundant system of leaders. With the support of the municipal party committee, the college has been implementing a new policy since 2006, in which one can only get the job through a two-round competition. The competition starts from college-graded leaders first, and then the middle-graded leaders. According to the standard, a candidate will be evaluated in terms of morality, ability, attendance, performance, leaders are elected through a series of standard procedures such as personal application, recommendation from masses, test of experts and regulatory assessment, so that a group of capable leaders would be successfully elected. As a result, ten college-graded leaders were elected elaborately, the staffs of the college assessed unfeignedly that the college-graded leaders are young, qualified in morality and talent and outstanding in performance; the number of middle-graded organs was reduced from 77 to 29, 33 middle-graded leaders left their position transiently for a period and were rehired when the condition of the college turned well, the internal organs have been simplified , the unnecessary links have been cut, the management effectiveness has been improved.

  A vice president-elect said that the flexible mechanism of human resource benefits the development of the college, although there are less leaders after the competition and election, but the responsibility of every leader is clearer than before. Some former leaders, who have failed in the election considered that this competition is open, fair, now they have been to their new position with bright mood.

  Teachers are the bases of education, the cultivation of academic leaders and key teachers are extremely significant. According to the standard of the college, there should be 1 to 2 academic leaders in every major, on one hand, the college pays attention to cultivate the present academic leaders to improve its ability in teaching and doing research; on the other hand, it introduces a group of academic leaders from the first production line and skillful in their field. In the recent four years, the college has cultivated 69 academic leaders, all of them are elites of Xianning even from Hubei Province. At the same time, the college pays more attention to improve the comprehensive quality of the teachers, arranging in plan some teachers who are lack of working experience in the first production line to practice in various enterprises. And the college also cultivates the teaching ability of teachers who are introduced from the first production line. These measures can benefit the academic leaders and key teachers in that they are equipped with both teaching certificate and excellent workmanship. At present, 70% of the teachers are equipped with both teaching certificate and excellent workmanship. The college has improved the incentive mechanism by policy inclination, encouraging young teachers to pursue in-service study of doctorate or bachelor’s degree. Besides, the college has launched the project of “cultivation of 100 doctors and bachelors” and “cultivation of 100 professors”

  Nowadays, there are 762 full-time teachers in the college, among which, 151 of them have the title of associate professor or above, 136 of them have bachelor’s degree or above. What’s more, some of them are famous teachers, who have received the title of the National Outstanding Teacher or Zeng Xianzi Educational Endowment.

  After the resource integration and scale expansion, the college has been in a new period in improving its cultural deposits. From now on, it will pay more attention to the construction of its preponderant majors, model curricula and demonstration base, to the cultivation of students’ abilities, to the development of the teaching quality, to make the college be one of the first-graded colleges of higher vocational education. Mr. Yang Fulin, the president of the college, has full confidence with the future of Xianning Vocational Technical College.

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