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Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
Administrative divisions
Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
The Second Experimental Primary School' Tracks of Shool-Running 08-07-06

  The developmental space of The Second Experimental Primary School has become the largest among city-level primary schools by 20 years' sustainable development. With 98 times national, provincial and municipal awards on high -quality lessons and papers of teachers, 328 times rewards on various students' competitions in recent years, the school was rated as "Scientific Educational Research Project Experimental School ","Model school of Young Pioneer ", "Outstanding Institution of Conventional Teaching "and so on by Hubei Province. It enjoys graceful environment, well-equipped facility and strong humanistic environment, which reflect the features of a brand school.

  To build brand and construct the first-class campus environment, the school financed through multiple channels to equip with 2 sets of modern air classroom teaching facilities,2 standard multimedia classrooms, computer rooms, music rooms, instrument rooms, laboratories, and other auxiliary teaching rooms .Open campus radio system and Internet , Mingde Teaching Building and other ancillary works, invested in more than 2.2million yuan, have been completed in January 2008. Broadcasting system and internal telephones have been installed in every classroom and office to simplify and facilitate the works of school staffs and convey all of the instruments of school more quickly and accurate.

  To perfect the system and implement democratic management, the school has revised and consummated over 40 rules and regulations to execute the ideas of working with rules and managing with democracy. Practicing the integration of president's leadership and collective decisions, regular working meeting should be held by leadership team once a week. The administrative affaires, evaluation, bonus, financial revenues and expenditures etc should be brought into the public. Proctor System is implemented to accelerate the democratic construction and embody the ownership of teachers. The managements of finance and property are enhanced to earmark the found for its special purpose only in terms of financial revenue and expenditure and to develop the education of thrift and protecting school property in terms of property management. Fastening the study of theory and updating of knowledge are musts for teachers, the schools not only focuses on improving the teaching abilities of teachers, but also improving the teachers' political consciousness and moral characters. Detailed learning schedule about virtue theory is established for teachers in summer holiday, improving teachers' awareness of education and devotion, and strengthening the construction of young teachers to bring freshness for school.

  To reinforce the style construction and improve moral quality of teachers, The school takes the advanced deeds of pacemakers to educate people, applies typical non-complice to alarm human and uses positive education to help people in need. 12 democratic commentators were invited from the public, and a hot-line on democratic assessment was established to accept the advices and criticisms from public. In 2007, the school had held a parents meeting in which more than 2000 people participated to improve the moral quality of teachers.

  To focus on quality and strive for ace teaching achievement, methods to promote teaching by researching and promote research by teaching in return are advocated, since research is a important guarantee of teaching. The teaching can optimize the class-structure, enhance the management of conventional teaching to form the school-based educational research relying on school talents. Ensuring the quality of 45-minute-lesson, conventional management in class and standardization in teaching behavior are reinforced further, the mutual feedback supervision system between teachers and students has been implemented to meet the requirements that everyone knows the conventional teaching and complies with the rules in every methodic classroom. Teachers should supervise students to preview lessons before class, listen and practice in class and review and solidify after class according to the requirements of subjects, helping students form the favorable habit of learning.

  To accelerate the curriculum reform through teaching contests, the school carries out various teaching activities: discipline leaders are asked to make top-notch courses, backbone teachers are organized to make teaching demonstrations, and new teachers are required to make reported lessons respectively, which provide a platform to learn from each other, discuss and exchange teaching experience. Meanwhile, teachers are required to use new curriculum idea to assess teaching behaviors in class, and to make introspection and summary regularly to improve the ability of teaching.

  To promote scientific research and improve the quality of reforms, the school deepens classroom teaching reform constantly by combing with reality, makes integrations between classroom teaching reform and the management of conventional teaching, between resources of school-based training and administration of teachers after undertaking "the Effective Learnings of Primary School's Chinese” and " the Development of Local Sports Lessons "research. The measures have improved the teaching quality of teachers greatly, and promoted the research level of teachers. 16 teachers respectively won the first and second prize in the municipal top-notch courses competitions, over 30 papers about teaching plans got awards nationwide and citywide, and more than 50 students were awarded in Narration Mathematics Olympic Competition.

  Reported by Zhou Xiangming

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