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A Record about Chibi First Junior Secondary School 08-07-26

  (By Zhou Xiangming.

  Create a" Talent Kingdom with” Ant Spirit"

  Chibi First Junior Secondary School made breakthroughs again in the college entrance examination in 2008: a student won science championship of Xianning and a student ranked second in Arts within Xianning City. Besides, the school accounted for 4 of science top 10 in whole Xianning City and 2 of art top 10. It was reported that Chibi First Junior Secondary School made great success for nine consecutive years among which in 2007, two students in the school were admitted to Tsinghua University and 402 students entered the first-batch key universities, and the rate of reaching first-batch university line, the rate of reaching undergraduate line and the rate of high scores ranked first in Xianning City.

  What is it that made the school obtain so brilliant result and create a" talent kingdom"? I realized through a depth interview that the most important reason is that the school's teachers have a valuable" ant spirit", that is" dedicated devotion, unity and hard work, the courage to challenge them"

  Teachers in the school work tirelessly in their careers and even sacrifice their own interests for collectivity benefits.

  Teachers in Chibi First Junior Secondary School always give top priority to teaching and put students first. Some teacher fainted because of overwork just two months before college entrance examination and soon stood on the platform again, though not totally recovered after staying in hospital for a week; some teacher never delayed a lesson when his pregnant wife was in great need of care; some teacher with injuries propped a stick and still continued his teaching for students.

  Headteacher Zhou Yiliu of experimental class have two children who took college entrance examination in2006 and in 2007 respectively, but he was never distracted because of their own children from serving his students. He said he was responsible for the future of dozens of students in the experimental class and the bearer of many families’ dream. For the student, he whole-heartedly devoted himself into the experimental class teaching and management. In recent years, his students performed very well in college entrance examination and one of his students, Cheng Qian won science championship within Xianning city in 2008. Talking about his children, Monday Liu was very sorry, but when it came to his students, Zhou Yiliu was very proud and satisfied.

  Headteacher Huang Zaiwei of class 21of senior 3, though his wife had been out of work, was too busy to take care of his children and had no time to focus on his own family difficulty. For educating students better, he gets up at 5:00 every day and it is until 23:00 that he checks students' dormitory and then goes home to have a rest. He and his students fought on together.27 of his students entered the first batch of national key universities this year. Teacher Zeng Mingzhong of class8 of senior 3, bends himself on teaching and educating his students and13 of his students entered the first batch of national key universities this year.

  Teacher Peng Chengran at the age of nearly fifty years old, as a member of the School Party Committee, volunteered as headteacher of a liberal arts class in 2005.Since then, teacher Peng hasn't taken a rest even on weekends and holidays and he devoted himself to the cause of education. He constantly communicates with students and teachers and promotes interaction between teachers and students. His class made achievements in 2008 college entrance examination and the number of students who entered national key universities ranked forefront compared to other classes, including a student named Yang Fuzhang ranking second in liberal arts wihin Xianning

  Work hard in union and prepare meticulously for the exam

  In order to let the students get good grades, senior 3 group work together and pool the wisdom of the masses to develop a set of scientific methods of preparing for the exam including the review plan, training methods, test selection, information collection and problem solving skills and psychological training of taking examinations. At the same time, they strengthen every link and timely analyze and grasp the students' state and timely adjust strategies; they strengthen information and experience exchange with friendly schools within Hubei Province and find its own weaknesses through the joint examination with Wuhan Second Junior Secondary School. According to the discipline problems reflected in the joint examinations, the group timely organizes teachers to carry out joint consultation and make a practical plan.

  In order to master the students' state better, each headteacher invites teachers of their own class to analyze situation about class and study and communicate ideas, exchange experience and unify thought, thus improving ability to prepare for the exam. Group of preparing lessons work under the principle of solidarity and cooperation, mutual respect and mutual understanding, information sharing and joint improvement.

  In preparation for2008 college entrance examination, the school adhered to collective preparation of lessons. The leader of each group of preparing lessons first guided the center spokesperson to be clear about weekly review plan, including the materials processing, key and difficult points processing, additional work and tests and analysis of students' study, and then teachers of each group carefully conducted careful discussions, which finally formed a manuscript, hence three copies which were distributed to grade group, group of preparing lessons and each class respectively. Lesson preparation groups gave top priority to the spirit of collaboration, so each spokesperson was responsible for a part of speech, fully ready and did utmost to make their speech targeted and prescient. In the analysis of college entrance examination questions, each teacher was assigned to analyze some questions to make review in greater depth. In the test evaluation, data sharing and collective marking, teachers divided their work and cooperated closely. In teaching management, the school implemented a " subject groups bound evaluation" and" class bundle evaluation" mode, constantly improved system of collective lesson preparation and system of connecting each discipline group with each class .Besides, the school tried hard to eliminate the barriers between teachers and strengthen the interdisciplinary communication to achieve integration of qualification of teachers and promote overall development of preparatory work for the entrance examination.

  Teachers in the school are courageous to bear weight and conscientiously pursue development.

  In Chibi First Junior Secondary School, teachers are very courageous and aggressive to bear heavy loads. Some teacher undertakes several kinds of service including grade management, headteacher’s work and math teaching in two classes. However heavy the task is, he has it as motivation and a goal instead of huge burden. Some staff ignores losses and dedicates themselves to creating a warm and harmonious campus in obscurity.

  The38 -year -old female teacher Rao Chunying, is conscientious and does her best in work. She bears hardship without complaint and her work achievement is outstanding. In September of 2006, she was appointed as the headteacher of experimental class of senior1 of a new session and to undertake English teaching work. In 2008, she was promoted as a vice leader of senior2 group. So heavy pressure she was put under that she was terribly busy. In order to encourage students, she made plans to talk with her students heart to heart and patiently tutored them step by step until they understood .As the Chinese saying goes" Where there's a will, there's a way", one of her students obtained 141 points in college entrance English examination, thus renewing a record in Chibi Junior Secondary School and some of her students won the first or second or third prize in the National English Contest.

  More progress

  First-class school depends on first-class management; first-class achievement depends on first-class qualification of teachers. Under leadership of Liu Guoxiong , one of the national excellent teachers and one of provincial level superfine teachers, all staff in Chibi First Junior Secondary School firmly establish the scientific outlook on development and put the concept " To survive with quality, establish brand with innovation, plan development through features and become an elite through scientific research " into practice and take "We have what others do not have; we do better what others do ; we have more characteristics where others do" as the goal to take a running school road with characteristics.

  The school implements humanized, scientific and standardized management and makes all-out efforts to ensure quality of teachers. At present, there are 4 superfine teachers,72 senior teachers, 15 national and provincial backbone teachers ,9 national and provincial excellent teachers ,15 provincial discipline outstanding teachers. In preparation for the college entrance examination, teachers put scientific teaching concept and advanced teaching methods into practice and obtain great teaching achievements. Since the beginning of 2000, the rate of students in Chibi Junior Secondary School who entered colleges has ranked first in Xianning City .Students such as Shen Leping, Wang Peng Tan Jian, Rao Honghua, Rao Yanhua, Huang Shaochu, Zhou Jun won championship in Xianning or entered national key universities including Tsinghua University, Beijing University. Wang Peng, Shen Leping, Tan Jian students ranked in the top ten within Hubei Province in the college entrance examination. The number of students who were admitted by first-batch key universities increased from137 in 2000 to405 in 2008. The number of students who have participated in various competitions and have won awards totaled 506, including 85 national awards,165 provincial first prize,143 provincial second prize ,108 third prize at provincial level. Since 2003, students Chibi Junior Secondary School have won prize in Hubei province computer robot contest for four consecutive years; In November of 2007, Wang Meng from Chibi Junior Secondary School was elected to the national team, on behalf of China, attended the Asia-Pacific international middle school aeromodelling competition held in Kazakhstan and won the gold medal. In art and culture, the school raised the famous singer Rao Tianliang and a well-known television presenter Guan Lin.

  While constructing college entrance examination "kingdom", teachers in Chibi Junior Secondary School constantly strengthen their own cultivation and quality. The school organizes teachers to study graduate course in Central China Normal University and arranges teachers to Britain, Singapore, Taiwan and other places to visit and study, or to other schools to take a temporary post to gain experience. In recent years, there are 10 teachers who on behalf of Xianning participated in class competition and have won first prize at provincial level or national awards.10 monographs and 150 papers were published or won provincial awards; teacher Zhang Yi was once the only representative on behalf of Hubei Province who participated in the national high quality physics class competition and won second prize in China.

  The ant spirit" is a very valuable spirit. It is because of a large number of excellent teachers who dedicated themselves to their careers and a large number of students who are studious, enterprising and excellent in character and learning that Chibi Junior Secondary School can continue to grow and develop and make consecutive success in the college entrance examination, thus building a brilliant" talent kingdom"

  (by Zhou Xiangming)

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