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Ding Xiaoqiang: Party Secretary
Wang Yuanhe: Mayor
Located in the south of Hubei, known as "the South Gate of Hubei", Xianning has great renown for “Chibi old haunt of the Three Kingdoms, inland nuclear power city”, which has great advantages of its "mountain", "water" "geography","location","culture","scenery","energy"and the trend of development. Xianning is a suitable place to do ...[more]
Xianning City, attached to Hubei Province, known as “the southern gateway to Hubei”, is famous for sweet-scented os... [more]
Administrative divisions
Lying in the southeast of Hubei Province, along the south bank of the Yangtze River, and at the junction of Hunan, Hu... [more]
 Despite the late administrative construction of Xianning (prefecture-level city), the counties and urban districts under its administration all have a long history. The territory of today’s Xianning belonged to Jing Chu in the Xia and Shang Dynasties ( about 2200-1100 BC), Nan County in the Qin Dynasty(221-206 BC ), [more]
·Jiayuan Garment Co., Ltd thrives in both production and sale 07/23/18
·Engaging in learning Chinese Opera in summer vacation   07/20/18
·Sticking to one’s position despite the high temperature 07/20/18
·The Zhenhu crayfish sells well 07/19/18
·Upgrading Jiugong Mountain ski field 07/19/18
·Promoting new products in the right market 07/18/18
·‘Chibi green brick tea’ shines in the Blue Hall 07/18/18
·A bridge crossing beautiful mountains and clear waters 07/18/18
·The main tower of Jiayu Yangtze River Bridge topped out 07/17/18
·A pumpkin harvest 07/16/18
·Taking a strict control of product quality 07/16/18
·Protecting lucid water of lake 07/16/18
·Competing photographic and video shooting skills 07/13/18
·Yesterday’s shoal turns to today’s fishing ground 07/13/18
·Breeding egg-laying ducks to get rich 07/13/18
·Highway service area in mountain villages 07/13/18
·Xiehong Smart Home construction in full swing 07/13/18
·Singing in the city of osmanthus fragrans 07/12/18
·Voluntary blood donation to pass on love 07/12/18
·Breeding baby chicks to boost poverty relief 07/12/18
·Wall painting to dress up hometown 07/12/18
·Eco-breeding facilitates poverty relief 07/12/18
·Popularizing financial knowledge 07/12/18
·“Toilet revolution” adorns villages 07/11/18
·Jiayu collectively cracks down on illegal sand dredgers 07/11/18
·Jingyi Crystal Co., Ltd goes into a trial production 07/09/18
·The Cloud Lake service area upgrades 07/06/18
·The big data center construction finished 07/05/18
·Water point relocation project in full swing 07/05/18
·Cultivating blueberry seedlings 07/05/18
·Jiayu young Ietalurus Punetaus sweeps the market 07/04/18
·Summer management for orange orchard 07/03/18
·Chibi section of No.107 national highway broadening 07/03/18
·Actualizing the dream of having a house 07/03/18
·The northern main tower of Jiayu Yangtze River Bridge topped out 07/03/18
·Celebrating the “July 1st” anti-corruption evening gala 06/29/18
·High-standard transformation of farmlands 06/29/18
·Companies settle in the incubation park to seek chances 06/28/18
·Harvesting pumpkins 06/28/18
·Public rental housing allocation by public lottery in Xian’an 06/27/18
·Natural gas leakage rescue drill 06/27/18
·The swimming lifeguard qualification test 06/26/18
·Expand the scale to improve the benefits 06/26/18
·Sunflowers in full bloom 06/25/18
·Establishing a national anti-drug demonstration city 06/25/18
·Fire drill 06/25/18
·Xianning team wins 3 golds and 1 silver in youth martial art ... 06/25/18
·Breeding emu to attain wealth 06/22/18
·Reinforcing the embankment 06/22/18
·Square dance training 06/22/18
·The army and the people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival to... 06/21/18
·Adorning the public toilet 06/21/18
·Picking and processing brick tea 06/21/18
·Protecting blue sky by energy saving and low carbon 06/20/18
·A crayfish harvest 06/20/18
·Rushing out orders 06/20/18
·Launching water quality inspection to protect the lucid water 06/19/18
·Forest pest control 06/19/18
·Building convenience road 06/15/18
·Happy work-break exercises 06/15/18
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