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Rectifying the order of mineral resources exploitation in Tongcheng County

source:咸宁日报 2006-12-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Reported by Huang Qifeng and Du Haibo www.xnnews. com. cn)

  Recently Tongcheng County sets up specific groups in charge of mineral resources exploitation, strengthening publicizing of mineral resources law and regulation and establishing the joint examination & approval system of mineral resources exploitation

  It is clearly stipulated that no matter what kind of mineral resources to be exploited, including limestone, feldspar, river sand, etc., mining in the town shall be approved by National Territory Bureau or competent  departments to obtain related licenses. For those resources without skilled mining conditions, individuals and units shall be prohibited to mine, and investment shall be introduced by the government to attract capable organizations with advanced technology to carry out exploitation on scales. Operators who want to exploit the river sand shall report to the water resources departments. After the examination and confirmation by law enforcement officials of water administration, the permit can be  obtained on the river sand mining.

  Presently, the water resources department has made reasonable layout and scientific position of the sand excavation spots of the main river channels throughout the county. They set up various groups respectively, formulate the implementation schemes and concentrate on the inventory of all mines in the county: groups in charge of mineral resources administration, groups in charge of river sand excavation  administration, and groups dealing with illegality, discipline violation and regulation breaking cases. For those mines with complete licenses shall be particularly checked whether their security facilities meet the requirement of the higher authorities and whether their channels recovery reaches the flood discharge standard; for those without sufficient licenses shall be supervised to make corrections within a fixed period of time to insure safety production; for those without approval, licenses or incomplete licenses, and illegal sand mining on non-appointed spots shall be comprehensively shut down or banned. 

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