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Xianning City Is Building Modern Forestry Demonstration Area

source:咸宁日报 2009-08-13 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Reported by Wang Limin and Lin Junping (www.xnnews.com.cn)

  Yesterday, reporters learned from Xianning City Forestry Bureau that our city will cooperate with Provincial Forestry Bureau to promote the construction of "modern forestry demonstration area in Wuhan city circle". It has planned to invest billions of dollars, and build Xianning into the antecedent model of "two -oriented society" and the successful model of modern forestry. Among them, the central and provincial support funds account for two billion yuan.

  Our city is the only key city which is dominated by the construction of ecological city in Wuhan city circle. Developing modern agriculture and building ecological Xianning have always been the most important thing for Municipal Committee and Municipal Government in constructing the city strengthening strategy of South Hubei province. In recent years, our city has centered on the strategic deploy of "Rebuilding a Xianning in the mountain", and has vigorously carried out the project of afforestation and greening. The area of forest, standing volume stock and forest coverage rate has respectively reached 6.656 million acres, 8.768 cubic meters and 54.2 percent. Forestry ecological construction has achieved a remarkable success.

  At the same time, characteristic base of forestry in our city has developed to 3.3 million acres, and the number of forestry industry enterprises has reached more than 500. There are also leading enterprises such as Xianan Juning, Chibi Chenming and Tongcheng Huangpaoshan for support, which has provided a strong guarantee for the speeding-up development of forestry industry.

  The cooperation between the bureau and the city covers 22 important projects such as the project of Changjiang Conservation Forest, the construction of Modern Forestry Science and Technology Industrial Park, the construction of forestry ecological culture and the development of digital forestry, and four system construction such as forestry ecological system, forestry industrial system, ecological cultural system and forestry science and technology and infrastructure security system. These will further speed up the construction of building our city into "the most characteristic ecological livable city in Wuhan city circle".

  Among them, Xianan Forestry Science and Technology Industrial Park of Hubei Provincial modern forestry will be officially granted on this Friday. At that time, the first Modern Forestry Science and Technology Demonstration Park in Hubei Province, which covers an area of 10 square kilometers, has 2 billion yuan of infrastructure investment and an annual output value of 5 billion yuan, will rise in our city.

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