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Jiayu makes itself a big eco-county with all stretch

source:咸宁日报 2010-04-07 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Reported by Zhou Ronghua and Li Fayang (www.xnnews.com.cn

  Yesterday, it was known from the Jiayu forestry department that, with the afforestation of 36,000 acres this spring, Jiayu has taken a solid step toward eco-county.

  Jiayu developed forestry development mechanism, accelerated the forestry construction, and made itself a big eco-county with all stretch. According to statistics, its forest coverage rate has climbed to 25.8% from 7.52%, and the total stumpage has reached 1.68 million cubic meters square over the past decades. Having been awarded a " National green Standards County in plain ", "Advanced County in voluntary tree planting", "Advanced unit of afforestation and greening" and" the model of a greening county in Hubei province", it is currently striving for "National Model Green County".

  Jiayu County has always focused on forestry as the characteristic industry, and issued many favorable policies, like "Views on accelerating the forestry development ",and  "Views on implementing favorable policies for investment and development of mountain and other agricultural resources ", to encourage the social from all walks of life to invest forestry development and raise a afforestation boom.

  It implemented the mechanism of "separation of ownership, management buyout, judicial notary, benefits sharing", so as to promote the private forestry. The social from all walks of life have joined the reforestation team. In Pai Chau Bay, 36 individuals and private households obtained the right to operate the shelterbelts about 41.5 km on both sides of river banks, planting poplar 510,000 strains; 13 private owners buyout 256 km road drainage of town and village, planting poplar 580,000. Farmers, urban residents, brainpowers, private owners, and government cadres in Jiayu have taken various means, the buyout, contraction, cooperation, equity investment etc, into forestry development .Currently, there are 586 private households with a certain afforestation scale, and 312 of them plants more than 100 acres. It totally invests 60 billion Yuan to a poplar-oriented forestry base of 189,000 acres.

  Relying on forestry projects, it devoted to building a green eco-county. Seizing the opportunity of China forestry construction, it has implemented the Yangtze River shelterbelt, returning farmland to forest, forestry antischistomiasis-controlling, low-yield forest transformation, the World Bank loan for afforestation, the Japanese government loans for afforestation and other forestry projects, and completed afforestation projects of 230,000 acres.

  It takes advantages of geographical features to develop distinctive forestry. According to the idea that in accordance with "along the dike of forest, tree, and along James beach forest, farmland forest network, urban gardens, and hills of forest", it has built five forestry boards, including the fast-growing and high-yield plantations, efficient economy forests, ecological forests, green seedlings, forest parks, and formed the modern forestry pattern with local features. With an emphasis on development of Yangtze River belt, mainly planted poplar trees, it has also built a stretch of Yangtze River shelterbelt about120km-long and the road forest network about 256km-long. The scale of poplar forest base has been up to 220,000 acres. Meanwhile, making use of mountain resources development, it has built 100,000 acres base of coniferous and broad leaved mixed forest, and 50, 000 acres base of phyllostachys pubescens high-yielding forest

  The forestry construction not only creates a good ecological environment for Jiayu, but also generates huge economic and social benefits. At present, Jiayu has emerged 22 forest products processing enterprises, like the leading enterprise Onesure Wood, Gold-Good Wood, directly employing more than 2,000 people. Its forestry output value reached 400 million Yuan in 2009. It initially formed one-stop forestry industry system of seeding, planting, timber processing and sales.

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