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China Top 100 Travel Agencies to tour in Xianning

source:咸宁政府网 2013-10-21 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Oct. 21(www.xnnews.com.cn) reported by Rao Hongbin and Kong Xiangyi Jiang Qikang (Secretary-general of China Association of Travel Services) on October 18-20 led representatives from China Top 100 Travel Agencies in cities along high-speed rail to visit Xianning, feeling and experiencing unique charm of “Osmanthus Town and Hotspring Town, a romantic Xianning”.

  The representatives visited Ancient Battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Lushui Lake, Yinshui Cave and Chengshui Cave. They said that Xianning has forest-clad mountains with rare caves and beautiful water, hundreds of hotsprings competing to gush and sweet osmanthus blooming everywhere, with relaxed and happy fashion and romance, making tourism in Xianning have a style of its own.

  In recent years municipal party committee and municipal government aim at building Osmanthus Town and Hotspring Town through hotspring tourism, the Three Kingdoms tourism and ecological tourism: tourism development air is strong; development ideas are innovative; festival momentum is charming; standardized construction scales new heights; total tourist population rises greatly; tourism environment optimization is quick; urban brand is famous; and development momentum is doubled.

  The representatives actively negotiated with scenic spots in order to open tourist route as quickly as possible to deeply dig tourism resource of Xianning. They proposed valuable advices about how to strengthen cooperation and exchange in the future, and how to further expand tourism influence of Xianning. The two sides agreed to cooperate sincerely to get win-win situation, jointly writing a tourism development legend like high-speed rail growing up at full speed with popularity in the world.

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