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Agricultural products from Xianning to appear on CATF

source:咸宁政府网 2013-12-02 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Dec. 2(www.xnnews.com.cn) reported by Wang Fan 107 enterprises in Xianning on November 30 appeared on the 11th China Agricultural Products Trade Fair (CATF) in Wuhan with more than 400 brand-name and high-quality products, commanding the attention of customers and dealers throughout the country. The daily sales topped 600 thousand yuan, with investment of near 10 million yuan to be agreed that day, making a new record of Xianning on CATF.

  The category of special agricultural products from Xianning on CATF is more abundant than that of previous years, including green food, organic food, ecological tourism, garden flowers, etc. Taxus chinensis from Xian’an, Yangloudong brick tea from Chibi, Paizhouwan fish ball from Jiayu, Zhongwang fried dough twist from Chongyang, Chinese torreya from Tongshan, and camellia oleifera from Tongcheng are very eye-catching and attract many merchants to purchase or negotiate in the site.

  In Xian’an special agricultural product exhibition area taxus chinensis, a rare plant attracted Mr. Shen from Beijing. “It’s very luck to see this rare tree species today.” he said. Taxus chinensis is rare in north China; and it not only can purify air with ornamental value, but also can be made into ant-cancer drug. “Now haze is very severe in Beijing, so taxus chinensis has a great market space.” he added, signing cooperation agreement with Mufeng Taxus Chinensis Specialized Cooperatives on the spot.

  Many merchants from other provinces came here to purchase brick tea from Chibi. “The tea from Xianning is very famous, and every tea has its own history.” said Professor Chen of Nanjing University. He picked up Yangloudong brick tea to smell, and then chose several brick tea engraved design of Battle of the Red Cliffs to bring home for his colleagues.

  Agricultural products from Xianning not only have many varieties and dense earthy notes, but also have characteristic and culture. “As long as we promote brand building of agricultural products and expand marketing channel we can compete with other provinces and cities on this large-scaled and high-standard agricultural grand meeting.” said Liao Sen, Deputy Director of Agriculture Office of Municipal Party Committee.

  It’s reported that special agricultural products from Xianning are expected to realize all-round success on this 4-day CATF according to present trading volume.

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