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Xianning Fuyang Industrial Co., Ltd listed in Shanghai Equity Exchange

source:咸宁政府网 2015-07-13 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  SHANGHAI - Xianning Fuyang Industrial Co., Ltd last Friday successfully held the listing ceremony in Shanghai Equity Exchange (stock code: Fuyang Industrial 206215), the first listing enterprise of Xianning in Shanghai, xnnews.com.cn reported.

  Xianning Fuyang Industrial Co., Ltd, located in the center of Yangtze River Industrial Park in Xianning High-tech Zone, is the first enterprise engaging in production and marketing of stainless steel tube in Xianning at present. All production equipments of the company are the most advanced and maturest in China, with tremendous strength in production and research and development, manufacturing various tubular products, such as square tube, circular tube, rectangular tube, embossing tube, etc, widely used in pipe and tube production for security window, burglar mesh, stair railing, and municipal stainless steel engineering.

  “This time we hope achieve multi-channel financing through Shanghai Equity Exchange, a bridge to capital market, to seek some partners in the same camp to make Fuyang Industrial grow stronger and larger, striving to build a benchmark enterprise of stainless steel tube in mainland china.” said Wang Xingchang, president of the company.

  Shanghai Equity Exchange is approved to establish by Shanghai municipal government, supervised by Shanghai financial service office. It’s devoted to interface with stock market supervised by China Securities Regulatory Commission and supervise standard operation and information disclosure of listing companies, except offering oriented capital increase, reorganization and merger, share transfer, value exploration, marketing publicity services for them, trying hard to cultivate, guide and facilitate them to be listed in main board of the stock market, small and medium-size enterprise stock market, and growth enterprises market. By Yuan Zi and Xiong Song (www.xnnews.com.cn)

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