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Xianning foreign trade achieves sustained sound growth

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-08-21 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

From January to July, Xianning has achieved a total foreign trade value of 3.6 billion yuan, an increase of 16.1% year on year, ranking the fifth in Hubei province, and the situation continued to improve, according to Xianning Municipal Bureau of Commerce on Thursday.

The city seized the “window period” of COVID-19 epidemic to expand the export of medical supplies. From January to July, the export of pharmaceuticals and textile yarns and its products increased by 178.9% and 223.9% year on year respectively. According to incomplete statistics, now the order in hand for the export of medical supplies totals more than $50 million, and it is expected to exceed $100 million for the whole year, forming a stable export market.

Implementing the strategy of market diversification, based on the “100 Exhibitions Action” plan the municipal commercial department actively organized enterprises in our city to participate in the online exhibition of the 127th Canton Fair, the 30th East China Fair, etc to vigorously develop the international market. In the 127th Canton Fair, the total number of viewers for the live broadcast of exhibitors from Xianning is nearly one million, and about $20 million agreements of purchasing intent have been signed preliminarily in the online negotiation.

Besides, the city solidly carries out the “cadres from the commerce authorities connecting 1000 enterprises to serve their development” activity, in order to timely follow up and coordinate to solve the difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises; holds foreign trade online and offline training, such as joint trainings by Wuchang Customs, which answer questions on export customs clearance for enterprises in time; supports the development of new forms and models of foreign trade, and fosters and strengthens comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises to provide one-stop and all-round comprehensive service for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Xianning. (By Wu Qingpeng/Xianning Daily)

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