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Xianning signed 3 projects with investment of 6.6 billion yuan in the 3rd World Health Expo

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-04-14 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

At the Third World Health Expo the city has not only achieved industrial publicity and product sales, but also completed the signing of three projects with a total investment of 6.6 billion yuan, according to the Xianning Municipal Bureau of Commerce on Tuesday.

In this exposition, the city promoted and connected customer resources through eight sections, such as "Xianning ecology, Xianning culture, Xianning hot spring, Xianning tea, Xianning osmanthus, Xianning bamboo, Xianning tourism, and Xianning genuine medicinal material". The city organized a total of 40 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, including Nangui Biotechnology, Xiangguiyuan and other osmanthus product R&D and production enterprises, as well as Chinese medicinal materials and medical supplies enterprises, such as Zhongjian Medical, Lingkang, etc.

This exposition is sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government and organized by Hubei Chu Merchants Association, adopting the mode of "government + chamber of commerce + enterprise" to explore the development trend of the global health industry together with all sectors of society and show the latest achievements of the development of the health industry. The relevant person in charge of Xianning Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that relying on and utilizing the platform of the World Health Expo, the city connects and aggregates the global high-quality industrial factors and resources, and comprehensively carries out investment promotion, publicity and promotion, exhibition, trade negotiation and other activities for investment attraction and economic and trade exchanges, so as to promote the high-quality development of the city's health undertakings. (By Wu Qingpeng/Xianning Daily)

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