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Chibi green brick tea strives for market by strength

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-10-28 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Hubei Dark Tea Product Quality Testing Center, located in Chibi High-tech Zone, was so busy on October 22, where the staff was testing 4 black tea samples from Zhaoliqiao Tea Industry Co.,Ltd., and its expected to get the national general CMC testing certification within a week.

Wei Yanxiang, president of Zhaoliqiao Tea Industry Co.,Ltd., was excited. “In the past, our products were tested and certified by ourselves, but were not recognized by big cities, so we had to send them to Guangzhou and Hangzhou for testing. We often queued one or two months, and the freight and storage feewere expensive. Now with the local national standard testing center, it will vigorously promote the development of Chibi green brick tea.shesaid.

The testing center that will be officially put into usehas a total investment of 82 million yuan, which is built by Chibi Public Inspection and Testing Center, and its only dark tea product quality testing center inHubei province. The testing center has more than 130 sets of high-end advanced instruments and equipment. It introduced 4 master students, with a number of quality management and standardization professional talent team. Except Zhaoliqiao Tea Industry Co.,Ltd., a total of 147 tea products from 11 tea companies in Chibi that will participate in Shanghai-based China International Import Expowill be tested here.

“We provide free testing service to more than 30 local tea companies.saidLong Xiaoda, director of the testing center, adding that in the past the tea companies of Chibi had to go out of the province for tea testing and pay for fees, but now they only need to send it here, which greatly saves the cost of enterprises.

Not only has the key "identity card" problem been solved, but the development and innovation of Chibi green brick tea continues. At the end of last year, the city integrated small enterprises and established the tea developmentgroup, so the majority of tea enterprises bid farewell to "independent" and begin "group development".

“Compared with the same period last year, sales have more than doubled this year.saidHe Guoping, president of Chibi Tea Development Group, adding that since the establishment of the company on December 9 last year, the sales performance has been bullish.

The group consists of 7 subsidiaries and 2 business centers, involvingChibi green brick tea production, sales, research and development.

Now the company integrates 37 green brick tea production enterprises in the city to develop new products and markets, changing green brick tea into lightbrick tea, which is lightweight, convenient and fashionable, and chocolateand instant green brick tea become the hot pet of young people, so the domestic market is getting bigger and bigger.

As of August this year, Chibi innovative green brick tea products reached more than 300, witha promising market development prospect. The output value of the whole industrial chain is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan this year.

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