Preferential Investment Policies of Chibi City

source:赤壁市 2006-06-21 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Beginning from the year when an enterprise starts paying taxes, a new preferential policy, which is to levy tax first and return part of it later, will be applied to the part of income tax, which is levied from external investment (including foreign and internal institutions and individuals) in running enterprises. According to the policy, 60% will be returned in the first year, 50% in the second year and 40% the third year. 

  Foreign investors run production business enterprises and obtain the land-use right by forms of compensated transfer and rental. Every year the land grant fee shall be charged preferentially according to the standard land price issued by the municipal government within 5 years. Foreign investors will initiate culture, education, heath, sports and other social public welfare cause. They obtain the land-use right by the administrative allocation. And its land acquisition fee which is based on the standard land price issued by the municipal government shared some preferential terms in a lump-sum.

  The site-use fees of the high-tech enterprise which is initiated by foreign investors will be exempted for 4 years from the date of approval of the use of the land. Other initiated operational enterprises' site-use fee will be exempted for 3 years from the date of approval of the use of the land.

  Foreign investors will be given a 15% off on the living water installation fee and capacity fee on the national standards.

  When enterprises initiated by the foreign investors are handling different kinds of procedures process, projects which don’t include services shall not charge the administrative fees and all kinds of service fees should only charge the cost of the materials.    

  All the various administrative fees, which are legislated by national policies and needed to be turned over to the state, province and city, should be strictly controlled within the minimum standards of the state's regulations. The part which will be turned over to the state should in charge with 40% reduction within the minimum standard in the national policies.

  Attract the talents and technology with preferential conditions. The foreign talents who master the key technology and have the outstanding management ability and come to this city for the enterprise business directly will be awarded according to the proportion of the annual 5%-7% of the added profit after the evaluation. Introducing new technology, new materials and new achievements to and develop new products for the city, and enabling the enterprises to increase pre-tax profit of more than 300,000 yuan, after the assessment, the enterprise can extract bonuses to the meritorious personnel at one time according to 10% of its added profits.

  The intermediaries who introduce projects and funds to the city shall be given awards. If it is successful, a bonus of 5‰ of the investor’s available investment and 3‰ of the domestic projects available investment will be distributed to the intermediaries at a time.

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