Investment Preferential Policies in Jiayu County

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  Provisions about Encouraging Foreign Businessmen to Invest and Cooperate in Jiayu County(JIA Fa [2003]No.16) by CPC Jiayu County Commission and Jiayu County  Government

  In order to further attract investment, and encourage foreign businessmen and domestic businessmen outside the County to invest in Jiayu County, as well as promote economic breakthrough and leapfrog development, these provisions are hereby formulated.

  Chapter I Fiscal and Tax Policies

  Article 1 For enterprises with foreign investment that operate for a period of over ten years, from the first profitable year the corporate income tax shall be exempted for two years and half the corporate income tax is collected from the third year to fifth year. The new high-tech enterprises shall be exempted from income tax for 2 years since the year that the enterprises go into production.

  Article 2 For enterprises with domestic investment outside the County that operate for a period of over ten years, from the first profitable year 100 percent of the local portion of the prescriptive and actual paid income tax will be returned for tow years and half will be returned from the third year to fifth year.

  Article 3 Approved by the tax authorities, the paid income tax from the reinvestment part can be returned, if the profit gained from foreign-invested enterprises is used to reinvest in the enterprises or reinvest in other enterprises in the County with an operation period of no less than five years.

  Article 4If foreign-invested enterprises purchase domestically manufactured equipment, enterprise income tax can be deducted; if the equipments are covered by tax-free contents, their value-added tax can be fully returned.

  Article 5 For enterprises producing goods for export, the County Government will provide inland transport subsidy of 0.01 yuan for each 1 dollar worth goods exported.

  Chapter II Land, Water and Electricity Supply Policies

  Article 6 40 yuan per square meter of the lump sum for the use of land is charged by Department of Land and Resources. If the fixed asset investment is 5 million yuan or above, 10 Mu of land is distributed by the government. The same amount of land is distributed for each additional investment in fixed assets of 5 million yuan.

  Article 7 "Five connections" will be completed by the county government, assuring that a construction site is connected to road traffic, electricity and water supply, telecommunications and televisions. For major investment projects and high-tech projects, the method “One Case One Meeting”  will be adopted and more favorable policies can be offered .

  Article 8 The comprehensive price of industrial and domestic water is 1.34 yuan per ton. Residential electricity price is 0.51 yuan per KWH ,and price for non-residential users is 0.677 yuan per KWH; Non-industrial and common industrial electricity price is 0.574 yuan per KWH, and price for big industry is 0.409 yuan per KWH, of which fixed electricity price is19 yuan per KVA of transformer capacity.

  Chapter III Policies about Administrative Fees

  Article 9 The reduction and exemption policies are implemented for foreign businessmen and domestic businessmen outside the County. The County Merchants Group is responsible for handling relevant licenses and formalities of registration.

  All expenses of the project procedures in Jiayu County are waived by County Development and Planning Department.

  (B)The registration fee does not exceed 0.6 ‰, and only 10 yuan is charged for the copy of license of the business corporation and business license copy by County Industry and Commerce Department.

  (C)The service fee of recruiting eligible labor, which is 25 yuan per person, would be half charged by the County Labor and Social Security Department. Cost of producing the relevant documents required for employment in China is waived for expatriate staff.

  (D)Only a handling fee of 50 yuan is charged by County Construction Department for relevant documents.

  (E)Only a handling fee of 100 yuan is charged by County Quality and Technology Supervision Department for the code certificate and registration of product standards.

  (F)The project completion and acceptance fees of environmental facilities are waived

  by County Environmental Protection Department.

  (G)The license fees are charged not more than 5000 yuan per mu for distributed land by Department of Land and Resources.

  (H) Only 50 yuan of alternation registration is charged for business registration,

  taxation registration or change of registration when acquiring state-owned enterprises; only license fee of transfer is charged for real estate, land registration; When renewing real estate and land certificates, the intermediary costs of surveying and assessment of involved housing and land shall be charged not more than 20% of the current charges, which also applies to the intermediary costs of audit verification, asset appraisal, transaction authentication, etc. in the property rights trading.

  Chapter IV Other Policies

  Article 10 The autonomy in production and operation, and property ownership of the foreign businessmen and domestic businessmen outside the County are protected by county government in accordance with law. Without county government approval and the check approval certificate, no department shall make inspections to enterprises, charge to enterprises or fine enterprises. Foreign businessmen and domestic businessmen outside the County who invest in Jiayu County will be awarded honorary citizen certificates, for whose special vehicles road and bridge tolls are exempted in Jiayu territory. Various law enforcement authorities shall not adopt coercive measures without the approval of county government. The county government office shall be responsible for the interpretation of these provisions that shall enter into force since the date of promulgation, and at the same time the original Implementation Measures on Attracting Investment in Jiayu County (JIA FA [2001] No. 4)shall be invalidated.

  August 4, 2003

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