Preferential Policies on Further Encouraging Investment by Xianning Municipal Government

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  Chapter I General Provisions

  Article 1 In order to speed up the industrialization process in Xianning City, further optimize the economic structure and promote the economic and social development, these policies are formulated in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state as well as in consideration of the actual situation in our city.

  Article 2 All kinds of investors are encouraged to invest in various ways.

  Article 3 The municipal government will coordinate investment projects of important infrastructure and those exerting a significant influence on adjusting the industrial structure. Depending on the circumstances, the “One Case One Meeting” method will be adopted and more favorable policies can be offered basing on the Policy Rules.

  Chapter II Fiscal and Tax Policies

  Article 4 The newly-built industrial enterprises that invest over $ 10 million can not only enjoy tax concessions according to the concerned regulations of the state and the province but also enjoy financial incentives at the corresponding level. The financial incentives are that the financial department of the same level offers 100 percent of the local portion of the prescriptive and actual paid income tax that year as a reward for three years since the year that the enterprise goes into production; while in the fourth to sixth year, the financial department offers 60 percent of that as a reward, aiming at supporting enterprise technical reform and product development.

  Article 5 For enterprises producing goods for export, the financial department of the same level will provide inland transport subsidy of 0.01-0.03 yuan for each 1 dollar worth goods exported.

  Chapter III Land Policies

  Article 6 Required lands for the construction of various types of industrial enterprises shall be unifiedly provided by the local land department in accordance with regulations concerned. Foreign investors can obtain land-use right in the form of transfer, whose right for land use can be transferred, rented or mortgaged according to law within the duration of use.

  Article 7 The local retained part of farmland occupancy tax will be returned to all kinds of investment enterprises after levy.

  Article 8 Land transferring fees are charged at 40% of the assessment price if the land-use right is obtained through transfer.

  (A) When the investment is over 50 million yuan, 50% of  land transferring fees is returned;

  (B)When 10 million to 50 million yuan is invested, 30% is returned;

  (C) When the amount is below 10 million yuan, 30% is returned.

  Article 9 Land registration fee, land-price assessment fee and survey fee are charged not higher than the charging standard ratified by Price Bureau, when handling land-use procedures.

  Chapter IV Talent Introduction Policies

  Article 10 The Personnel Department will provide full agency services for various types of professionals with bachelor degree or above introduced by investment enterprises from outside Xianning .The relevant departments will transact permanent residence procedures free of charge for those who are willing to register their residence in Xianning.

  Article 11 Permanent residence procedures will also be transacted for the required management personnel and their family members if they would like to. Their children enjoy the same treatment as local citizens in the aspects of kindergarten admission and entering school, etc.

  Article 12 The professional and technical personnel of investment enterprises can apply for review to the Personnel Department for the senior professional titles. Those who meet the qualifications can get exceptional title promotion and be appointed to higher positions despite the lower titles. Enterprise employees may participate in various technical training and skills identification and apply for technical grade certificates and assessment of the technical titles to the Labor and Social Security Department.      

  Chapter V Incentive Policies for attracting investment

  Article 13 Based on the actual investment of introduced capital, reward would be given to units of attracting investment and investment attractors according to a certain proportion.

  (A) Offices directly under the municipal government and units are rewarded according to The Incentive Regulations about Striving for and Introducing Projects

  (B) Excepting policy-oriented funds, 2 ‰would be rewarded by the financial department of the same level when the personal introduced-capital is over 10 million yuan. Investment Promotion Office will commission authoritative appraisal institutions to provide appraisal and capital verification reports about the personal introduced-capital, when verified and confirmed by the financial department, the reward would be given to attractors.

  Article 14 For units or attractors that recruit investment to the field of infrastructure, reward is paid by the municipal finance department; For units or attractors that recruit investment to high and new technology industries or companies that produce new high-tech products, reward is paid by the municipal finance department, which will be then deducted from financial income tax return.

  Chapter VI Investment Service Policies

  Article 15  Services are provided according to the "low cost, zero fines, no apportion, and quick accomplishment" principle. Agency system is implemented by Xianning City Administrative Service Center that is responsible for registration and all matters involving investment. Enterprise is only required to provide the necessary materials, and the Center will go through the relevant procedures within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the application without charging agency fees.

  Article 16 The charge upon investment enterprises must be strictly implemented in accordance with charging items having be checked up and rectified. Only the license fee can be charged when handling various procedures. All administrative fees are collected at the minimum standard by Xianning City Administrative Service Center who should publicize all charging items and standards .Without authorization, no unit is allowed to charge enterprises.

  Article 17 Relevant departments should apply to Legislative Affairs Office of Xianning Municipal Government for checks of investment enterprises. After examined and verified by Legislative Affairs Office, the application shall be submitted to Municipal leaders for verification and approval. Only when the check license is issued, is check allowed.

  Article 18 Various types of investment enterprises enjoy the priority of the communications, electricity and water supply, land leasing and construction plan approval.

  (A). For investment enterprises in the municipal industrial park, the departments of electricity and water supply will set up power transmission lines and lay production and living water pipelines to factory area free of charge; For investment enterprises outside the municipal industrial park, the relevant labor and material costs will be charged; For major projects, other agreements may be concluded to resolve electricity and water supply problems.

  (B). Municipal public facilities fees are exempted.

  Article 19 Public security department and discipline inspection department will jointly have investment enterprises listed on the key protection units to ensure personal and property safety of investors.

  Article 20 The Xianning Investment Enterprises Complaint Center that is located in the Municipal Supervision Bureau is responsible for receiving complaints about the soft and hard environment from investors for properly dealing with various problems reflected by investors and for timely action and reply.

  Chapter Ⅶ Penalty Policies

  Article 21 If the city's investment environment is affected, the responsible person will be given the party and administrative disciplinary punishments by the discipline inspection department and supervision department in accordance with the provisions of The Ban on Prohibiting the State Administrative Organs and their Civil Servants to Damage the Environment for Economic Development by Xianning Municipal People's Government; If damages are caused to enterprises, the responsible person shall redress the damages ;If violating the criminal law, the judicial organs shall investigate the criminal liability .

  Article 22 The main person in charge shall be investigated for responsibility and other persons who are directly responsible shall be ordered to leave their post for job training, if the provisions of Article 15 are violated ,not going through the relevant procedures within the time limit.

  Article 23Enterprises have the right to resist unauthorized check, to refuse to pay unauthorized charging and to complain to Xianning Investment Enterprises Complaint Center. After being verified, the main person in charge and other persons who are directly responsible shall be investigated for responsibility.

  Article 24 It’s forbidden to gain personal benefit from enterprises or create difficulties to enterprises. If this provision is violated, the main person in charge and other persons who are directly responsible will be removed from office on the spot for undermining the investment environment and hindering economic development.

  Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions

  Article 25 Xianning Municipal People's Government shall be responsible for the interpretation of these provisions.

  Article 26 These provisions shall enter into force since the date of promulgation, which counties (cities, districts) can implement by reference. In case of any discrepancy between any existing document and these provisions, these provisions shall prevail.

  September 8, 2003

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