Chongyang strongly propels the process of new industrialization

source:咸宁日报 2006-12-01 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Reported by Cai Yajun and Liu Longhui (

  On 29, in the 12th CPC congress meeting of the Chongyang County, the county proposed the introduction of big enterprises, mainly focus on big projects, large park building and the construction of big cities. We should strongly propel the process of the new industrialization to make sure that the enterprises with a large scale, industrial added value and enterprises benefit achieve “three doubles” in 5 years to make county economy strategically change from agriculture-led type to industrial-oriented type.

  Concerning this strategic goal, the county will enlarge the scale of the existing industrial enterprises to further make the dominant enterprises which have certain production scale and market bigger and stronger and put focus on developing 10 enterprises which have over billion output value. The new batch of key projects aims at the generation of wind power in Dahu Mountain, the development of lead and zinc ore in Gaojian, the development of Langkou hot spring , the biopulping of Miscanthus floridulus (Labill.)Warb stick, Kunzhan chemical fiber, plastic woven, vanadium products deep processing and so on , invested more than a billion yuan, to ensure that the project will be early signed ,be early started and be early completed and complete a number of infrastructures.

  In accordance with the requirements of the development of new industrialization, the county will focus on the development of the “Eight Industries”, such as mineral smelting, health material textile, food processing, building materials, chemical fiber, plastic woven, firecrackers and fireworks, leisure tourism and so on. Besides, the county will make efforts to develop “Six Bases”. They are the fried dough twist production, vanadium distribution, chemical health material production, firework production and marketing and so on, thus developing the small enterprises into ones with large scales, further into major ones, at last into a group of major enterprises.

  In order to improve the investment environment and build a platform for the industrial development, the county will on one hand, expand its epitaxial area, on the other hand, improve the connotation of the county, accelerating the pace of park development and urban construction, building the city economic development of a new pattern according to the “one body (national highway 106), two wings (two sides of the Chongqing Road) city frame. The county will develop the Chongyang Economic Development Zone as the key point of urban construction, striving to be a county industrial park, strongly supported by the province, thus making Chongyang a new industrial town which is full of vigor and vitality.

  The county appealed to all the cadres and the people to firmly establish the scientific outlook on development because the renewal of the concept will contribute to great liberation of thoughts and the liberation of thoughts will promote the development of economic. It was demanded that all the people in the county foster an atmosphere that the policy supports business, society sticks to pro-business and protecting the business by law to achieve new breakthroughs of the investment with great efforts. Besides, we should also foster an atmosphere that all the people in county initiate new projects, and develop them with great strength. The county should encourage the cadres and workers head for the economic construction, fostering a pioneering atmosphere which could lead the people to create family properties, encourage capable people to start an enterprise, and encourage the cadres to strive for their career so that daring to start an enterprise and daring to start great enterprise becomes the value orientation of the people in Chongyang of a new generation.

  The Secretary of Chongyang county--- Mr Zhou Henghua said:" Today, on the great land of Chongyang, we have good timing, geographical convenience and kindly human relationships. These factors granted a great opportunity for our fast development. We have already developed a united, peaceful, powerful and practical environment for starting a new business. Chongyang is a promising land for us not only to do business, but also to do successful business and even great business. We should live up to the call of the time and the people, and be high-spirited, united and innovative for holding on a new start and grabbing the new chances and finally creating a new situation.

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