The City Strengthens the “customs clearance” Construction

source:咸宁日报 2006-12-01 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Reported by Wang Lei

  Yesterday afternoon, on Nov. 30th, after the “further strengthening the ‘customs clearance’ construction” television and telephone conference in whole province, the city made specific arrangements about strengthening the “customs clearance” construction and serving the economic development of Xianning. Li Bing, the Mayor attended the conference and talked.

  Li Bing pointed out that strengthening the “customs clearance” construction is the basic condition of the attraction of merchants and investment of Xianning; is the inevitable choice of improving market competitiveness and serving the rapid development of the foreign trade; is an important part of improving and optimizing of the investment environment of Xianning. We should fully understand the importance and the urgency of strengthening the “customs clearance” construction and earnestly promote the work in advancing of the “customs clearance” construction. Also, we should establish coordinated working mechanisms. The awareness of service should be enhanced and the service levels should be improved. We should strengthen the leadership of the “customs clearance” construction work and establish an overall concept to form an overall force.

  Li Bing emphasized that combined with the actual situation in Xianning,, we should focus on the brand construction of a mount of export enterprises. Every county and city area and functional departments related should be clear about the objectives of the “customs clearance” construction and put forward specific measures to take greater efforts to the “customs clearance” construction. To strengthen the infrastructure construction, transportation department should further speed up the construction of shipping terminal of Panjiawan. Government port office and other special institutions should be set up to make more contacts with the railway department. We should make good convergence and improve the transportation infrastructure condition of the railway and the highways. In the export issues, we should provide the enterprises with quick, convenient and high-efficiency service by a qualified pilot in the process of supplying the market so that the enterprises with credit, power and discipline gain priorities to the conveniences.

  Background information: The “customs clearance” is short for improving the efficiency of the port work construction, and that is to say, when the goods are in and out of the custom clearance process, we adopt modern management, information technology and high-tech means to integrate the flow of documents, goods, capital and information, so as to provide the enterprises with best service in the shortest time and at the lowest cost in a reasonable, regulated and smooth way. The “customs clearance” is a system project that involves a number of departments and fronts, like import and export enterprises, port inspection, transportation and production, port intermediaries as well as tax institutions.

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