The Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Xian’an District Carries Out Instant Service for the Enterprises.

source:咸宁日报 2006-12-07 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Reported by Yan Xiongwei and Zhang Xiaofang

  On the morning of Nov 17th, after serious verification, the staff of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau helped one quarry factory to go through the register change formalities on the spot. Taking over the new business issued, Boss Yu was deeply impressed and said:" The work speed is really fast!"

  In order to improve working efficiency and save time for the enterprises, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Xian’an District will take enterprises' satisfactory as the most important thing, so they carries out the Instant Service which demands the window staff to adopt the policy "a clear answer and a right check at a time" that is to catalog the registration materials that are required to submit and when their staff come to inquiry, the window staff should answer them clearly. Besides, the window staff should check the materials waiting to be checked clearly at a time. All those measures are to avoid making a report repeatedly, or the working staff coming back and forth. Also, the staff should do the work which can be done on the spot as possible under the circumstance that all the formalities are presented.

  With regards to this, the bureau carries out “Six Opens” in the working hall, namely to be open to the enterprises of their duty, working basis, pre-conditions, procedures, limited time and charge standards, which makes the enterprises see them at a glance. The bureau strives to work “clearly for the licenses, plainly for charges and completely for the supervision.

  Jin Zhan Electronic Co. Ltd is a large scale company which is introduced by our city. In order to make the company put into operation as soon as possible, the bureau just informed them once and provided service from beginning till end. What’s more, they used the shortest time helping them go through the business registration procedures. The enterprise is so touched that they particularly gave away a pennant to the bureau, and it reads: High-quality service builds a golden bridge, and the civilized window staff set an example.

  The bureau’s service is convenient to people, quick and of high-quality, which makes the body of the market develops healthily. Till now, there are various kinds of enterprises, more than 70, and 531 individual businesses newly developed.

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