Tongshan County vigorously develops the generalized agriculture

source:咸宁日报 2006-12-07 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Reported by Chen Guoning and Xia Dunhei

  Tongshan makes leading enterprises bigger and stronger, builds up agricultural bases, and develops the generalized agriculture.

  The county vigorously supports the Xinxia Pine Wood Co., Ltd., Hengtong Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd., Anranju Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. and other leading enterprises, thus making them bigger and stronger. It strengthens the construction of standardized production and quality management system, accelerates the pace of agricultural products into the supermarkets, and strives to cultivate 2 to 3 known top brands in the market after several years of efforts. It supports leading enterprises to set up agricultural industrialization base by means of directed services, targeted acquisitions, etc. It makes efforts to integrate the project funding, such as agricultural comprehensive development, poverty-relief and development, returning farmland to forests, and water conservancy and so on, giving preferences to high-quality agricultural product bases.

  The county takes the implement of the Moso Bamboo High Yield Standardization Demonstration Area project as an opportunity to build a bamboo base of 700,000 Mu (about 46,667 hectares). At the same time, to further explore the interests connecting mechanism between enterprises and farmers, it implements the "manor + base + farmer" and "factory + base + farmer" operation model of the agricultural industrialization, so that the farmers in the integrated management can be rich together and achieve the win-win situation. They also vigorously encourage cadres, worker, town residents to contract and buy "Sihuang" land (barren hills, waste valleys, barren hillocks and desolated beaches), for the maximum absorbing of all kinds of social capital investment in afforestation and agricultural industrialization management.

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