Chebu Town attracts investment by the ties of kinship

source:咸宁日报 2007-01-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Reported by Long Feng and Pao Yaqin

  As the Spring Festival is approaching, Chebu Town, Chibi City has sent a small greeting card that reflects changes in the hometown and expresses New Year's greetings to the celebrities who work , do business and pioneer an undertaking outside, conveying the good wishes of the people in the hometown.

  Chebu Town now has migrant workers, businessman, entrepreneurs up to more than 8,600 people, of which, the amount of people who invest in other areas is more than 2,000. In recent years, investment promotion of the town is through the ties of kinship and friendship and it develops a "return economy”. Last year, it recalled 52 businessmen who invest in housing and business, developed 17 private enterprises, attracted investment of more than 20 million yuan.

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