The city implements the “Ten Prohibitions” on environmental protection administration

source:咸宁日报 2007-03-20 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Repored by Deng Changlu and Liu Huilin

  On 16, the Working Conference of Environmental Protection and Special Governance was held to effectively solve the city's current conspicuous environmental issues, the city will strictly implement the "Ten Prohibitions ". 

  The "Ten Prohibitions" is: under no circumstances shall the new projects which have not passed the environmental assessment start to wok; under no circumstances shall the new projects whose environmental protection facilities are below standard be put into production; Enterprises which have failed to apply the environmental acceptance inspection of “Three-Simultaneous”, namely the projects should be designed, constructed and put into operation simultaneously with its main engineering, and have long-term illegally discharged waste in the name of pilot production, shall be discontinued for renovation; Enterprises which have created serious pollution are required to take effective measures to control it within a definite period of time, otherwise they have to close down; For the enterprises which have failed to accomplish the targets set in the environmental protection responsibility documents, the government shall stop examining and approving its new industrial projects and land; All the illegal docks, garbage dumps, livestock and poultry farms which are located in the first-grade water sources protection zones shall be clamped down within a limited time; actions, such as reducing the threshold of the environmental protection admittance, obstructing and interfering with the environmental protection departments on-site inspection and law enforcement, shall be corrected; Local protection policy of the “Tranquility Days", "Zero Fee" in violation of environmental laws and regulations shall be abrogated; If he governments of county and city reduce or cancel the sewage charges, once verified, the sewage charges should be totally turned over to the City Financial Department; As for the enterprises in which there are environmental pollution and illegal sewage, they shall be informed to financial institutions, and the risk shall be pointed out .

  Currently, the city’s governments at all levels are taking measures to shut down the enterprises that do not meet the national industrial policy and have serious pollution, such as small cement factories, paper factories, etc.

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