Jiayu County puts forward new measures to attract investment

source:咸宁日报 2009-05-31 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Reported by Chen Yanli and Bie Huazhong www.xnnews.com.cn)

  On 26, Jiayu County has improved the incentives to investment attractors, and the highest reward is up to 200,000 yuan.

  The county enhances efforts in inviting and attracting investment, carries out The Interim Measures on Rewarding Investment Promotion, and sets special incentive funds of investment promotion information for the attractors who firstly recommend investors to contact with the Investment Promotion Bureau of the County. New incentives measures set the information rewards, further improving the operability of the personal rewards.

  It is said that The Interim Measures on Rewarding Investment Promotion provides that anyone who has successfully invited over 5 million yuan of fixed asset investment on agricultural and sideline products processing, or more than 10 million yuan of industrial fixed assets investment projects to settle in Jiayu County will be awarded a lump-sum bonus of 10,000 to 40,000 yuan respectively by the County Communist Party Committee and the County Government. If the recommended industrial company is one of the world's top 500 enterprises and its fixed asset is over $ 20 million, the attractor will be awarded another of 200,000 yuan, and all reward funds will be totally paid when the project is completed and put into production.

  Liu Haijun, the standing committee member of Municipal Committee and the Secretary of the Municipal Communist Party Committee of Jiayu County, said that the new rewarding measures are more scientific. The successful settlement of a project won’t be achieved with a single person’s effort. The attractor provides investment information, the County Communist Party Committee and the County Government arrange the talented people to go into work and carry out negotiations, and the organizational and functional departments offer various kinds of services. Only with their collaboration, can they improve the rate of success settlement of the project  

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