Xianning launches on-the-spot working meeting to impel the investment projects and construction work

source:南鄂晚报 2009-06-15 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  (Reported in Shenzhen on 12, www.xnnews.com.cn)

  “We hope that the development zone can advance appropriately to push forward the construction of roads and other infrastructure facilities, while implement the overall land planning as soon as possible.”

  On 12, in the Shenzhen Pavilion Hotel, Ye Yongtai, the chairman of Hubei Xiangsheng Investment & Development Co., Ltd., put forward his own proposals to the Xianning Municipal Government leaders and main principals of departments.

  Leaders of the Xianning Economic Development Zone, the national land and planning departments and other departments expressed their commitment on the spot that they will speed up infrastructure construction to jointly promote the building of Hubei (Xianning) Guangdong Industrial Park in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise as soon as possible.

  Ye Yongtai was very satisfied with it, and he said, “Xianning’s cadres truly emancipate the mind and are all determined to serve the travelling businessmen, and the businessmen like me are all relieved.”

  This is a scene of on-the-spot working meeting.

  From June 9 to 14, 2009, Hubei & Hong Kong (Guangdong) Economic and Trade Cooperative Symposium was held in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Huang Chuping, the Secretary of the Municipal Communist Party Committee, personally led a delegation to participate in. This is the city's fifth attendance in major investment promotion activities since last year. The city signed a total of 147 projects, and concluded contracts are valued at 53.02 billion yuan during the five times of investment promotion activities. A number of key projects are signed in succession, such as Guangdong Industrial Park and Puqi Power Plant Phase II, etc. However, affected by the international financial crisis, progress of some projects is slowing down.

  In order to promote the project to settle down and put into operation as soon as possible, the city launched the on-the-spot working meeting to impel the investment projects and construction work during the symposium. Through face-to-face communication with the merchants and answering their questions, we strengthened communication and cooperation, and solved some existing problems in the investment projects.

  During the meeting, heads of Hong Kong China Resources (Holding) Co., Ltd, and Hong Kong Winner Medical Group earnestly described the current situation and prospect of investment in Xianning, and also frankly stated some difficulties and problems that they had encountered. Some departments directly under the leadership of the Municipal Government, such as the Municipal Administrative Service Center, Environmental Protection Agency and Land Bureau, as well as leaders of all the counties and urban areas, immediately answered the questions raised by the enterprises. Some even admitted the skeleton in the cupboard and promised to solve within a limit time.

  Huang Chuping expressed that emancipating the mind requires the thorough liberation of us and help travelling merchants solve practical problems. In the near future, any problem raised by the merchants in the morning must be replied in the afternoon; if raised in the afternoon, it must be answered in the evening; if raised in the evening, it must be replied the next morning. We will really create a fine style of work, namely, acting without delay and doing it well.

  Li Yahua, the standing committee member of Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, and Zhou Henghua, the director of Administrative Committee of Xianning Economic Development Zone, attended the meeting and gave a speech. (Reported by Liu Huiwen and Huang Sisheng)

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