Xianning Economic Development Zone started “100-day Battle” of project construction

source:咸宁政府网 2013-03-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Mar. 19(www.xnnews.com.cn) reported by Rao Hongbin and Zhu Shaohua Yesterday Xianning Economic Development Zone held the mobilization meeting to define work task for all of cadres and employees, starting “100-day Battle” of project construction.

  It’s reported that the “Project Construction Year” activity in Xianning asked Xianning Economic Development Zone to ensure that there are 3 projects to begin construction, 3 projects to go into operation, 3 projects to sign the contract every month; and strive for one more project every month. Xianning Economic Development Zone plans to concentrate time, energy and funds to carry out 2013 “100-day Battle” of project construction from Mar. 20 to June 30.

  During the activity Xianning Economic Development Zone will go to operation such 8 projects as Guangdong Industrial Park, Pawo Electric, etc. in south of Xianning-Tongshan Expressway; start land acquisition, removal and clearing of such 18 projects as CHINT, South Station of Wuhan-Xianning Intercity Rail, etc. in north of Xianning-Tongshan Expressway; ensure such 27 projects to begin construction as Fu Ning Steels, Hai Tuo Chemicals, Tri-ring Benz Steering Gear, etc.; foster 7 large-scale enterprises and 6 high-tech enterprises, such as Yellow Crane Tower Distillery, etc.; and complete Stage III project’s land acquisition and land leveling, start road construction and relevant municipal construction to ensure “half of tasks finished when half of time is gone” by the end of June.

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