Ding Xiaoqiang investigated bamboo processing enterprises in Xianning Economic Development Zone

source:咸宁新闻网 2013-03-29 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Mar. 29(www.xnnews.com.cn) reported by Xiang Dongning and Fu Qiang On Mar. 27 Ding Xiaoqiang (Deputy Secretary and Mayor) came to Xianning Economic Development Zone to investigate bamboo processing enterprises, and required that it should continuously improve bamboo processing technology and increase technological content and practical value of bamboo products.

  Ding Xiaoqiang looked over bamboo household articles, such as bamboo bathtub, bamboo paint, bamboo cup, bamboo gift box, and also went deep into workshop to look over technological process in Xianning Yuanshan Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. He highly appreciated the characteristics of bamboo product; and asked the company to take pains on fine process, mechanized production, large-scale operation, scientific research and development, to continuously improve processing technology and technological level, to innovate design philosophy to design a batch of bamboo gift set, and to promote technological content and practical value of bamboo products.

  In Tianhe Xinxin Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd Ding highly appreciated the benefits of the company, and encouraged the company to improve continually technological content and value added of bamboo products and strengthen market competitiveness based on present products’ advantages. He hoped the company to work energetically and hurry on to strive for results earlier after learned the company planned to introduce new bamboo plank project.

  It’s reported that bamboo bathtub produced by Yuanshan Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd has owned independent intellectual property rights and is exported to Europe and US; bamboo halftone for raising poultry and bamboo stick produced by Tianhe Xinxin Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd are identified as national promotion products by Ministry of Agriculture and are sold in 13 provinces.

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