The Mayor Ding Xiaoqiang investigated in Xianning Economic Development Zone

source:咸宁政府网 2013-06-21 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Jun. 21( reported by Rao Hongbin, Zhu Shaohua and Luo Rao Yesterday Ding Xiaoqiang (Deputy Secretary and Mayor) investigated production status of enterprises in Xianning Economic Development Zone. Cheng Qunlin (Party Secretary of the Work Committee and Director of Administrative Committee of Xianning Economic Development Zone) accompanied to investigate.

  Hubei Eguard Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd starts car modification project and the workshop is in full swing. Now the total industrial output value of the company has already reached 92.71 million yuan, rising 80.4% year-on-year. Ding Xiaoqiang learned the project progress in detail and encouraged the company to seize the opportunity to make persistent efforts, taking advantage of idle land to expand scale of production to a new stage.

  Hubei Pride Yellow Crane Tower Distillery Co., Ltd is developing rapidly and the cavern brewing in Xianning base set a precedent in ecological brewing in China. Ding Xiaoqiang visited the Wine Culture Museum, asked about brand building of the company, and encouraged the company to accelerate human resource development and construction of management system: further intensified brand development, integrated white spirit production and cultural tourism, made interaction between enterprise and customer to improve popularity and reputation of Yellow Crane Tower Distillery and “Osmanthus Town and Hotspring Town”.

  Hopefull Medical Facilities Co., Ltd is preparing for listing. Ding Xiaoqiang looked over the work site of the company, asked about enterprise’s problem in production and management, and advised relevant persons in charge to support the company to promote capacity and realize sound and fast development.

  Ding Xiaoqiang required that Xianning Economic Development Zone and all relevant departments should carefully analyze production situation of enterprises, strengthen scheduling in an all-around way, optimize development environment of enterprises, and let entrepreneurs confidently start a business to make their enterprises bigger and stronger, making more contributions for realizing “industrial rise” earlier in Xianning.

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