Xianning Economic Development Zone fulfilled tax revenue 590 million

source:咸宁政府网 2013-08-07 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Aug. 7(www.xnnews.com.cn) reported by Xiang Dongning, Zhu Shaohua and Luo Yao 50 sets of top steering gear boxes in the world on July 26 were set and equipped. Thus the second stage EPS production line realized pilot production in Hubei Tri-ring Motor Steering Gear Co., Ltd.

  Hubei Tri-ring Motor Steering Gear Co., Ltd started Stage II in early this year, debugged equipment in March, and realized pilot production in July. Now there are clients coming around to discuss cooperation. It’s reported the company is accelerating to negotiate with Germany Mercedes-Benz Motor Corporation and it’s expected to start Stage III Benz steering gear project at end of this year. So it successfully realized two transformations: from business car to passenger car, and from hydraulic pressure steering gear box to electric power steering gear box.

  The “triple jump” development of Tri-ring Motor Steering Gear laid a solid foundation for Xianning Economic Development Zone to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength. Since the Stage III projects of Red Bull and ORG Packaging went into operation last July, production expansion effect gradually presented: from January to June the accumulative output value increased 580 million yuan and 180 million yuan respectively, the contribution degree for the growth of output value of this year reaching 69%.

  Xianning Economic Development Zone’s major economic indicator reflects high tension from expansion to enterprise transformation.

  From January to June industrial added value of Xianning Economic Development Zone kept over 20% growth; total industrial output value 37% growth; fixed-asset investment over 40% growth; particularly fulfilled tax revenue of 590 million with 56% growth, all major economic indicators over Xianning’s average under the situation of economic slowdown in China.

  Parts of enterprises in Xianning Economic Development Zone notably show seasonal efficiency improvement: Jinmailang and Uni-President Drinks see the peak season and their production is in a full capacity, the growth of output value being over 30%; part of enterprise revenue improved. The output value of Eguard Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd and Lite-On Technology Corporation increased by over 50% owing to more orders and stable recruitment; 8 enterprises newly settled down the industrial park develop well, and the growth of output value is over 35%, the contribution degree for the industrial economy of the park reaching 26%.

  Cheng Qunlin (Director of Administration Committee of Xianning Economic Development Zone) said that the development zone had begun the large-scale development through “adjusting Stage I, constructing Stage II and starting Stage III”.

  In the first half year Xianning Economic Development Zone completed the goal of “100-day Battle” of Stage II and Stage III projects; all work go well and enterprise bonds are issued successfully, effectively relieving financing problem.

  Cheng Qunlin thought the competent measures from Municipal Party Committee and Government, gelivable leading enterprises and efforts of cadres and employees are the main reason to release tension by the development zone. Besides, a batch of “resource-conserving and environment-friendly” projects, such as Kunbo Formwork, Shen Fantasy Biological Technology Co., Ltd, and Baiye Biological Technology, emerged in the development zone. Although the present scale is small, the gold content and value added are high with good development prospect. So it’s worth expecting.

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